Amp Recommendations for Magnepan MMG Speakers

I would appreciate any feedback or recommendations for an amp to power the Magnepan MMG speakers I'm about 90% sure I'm buying. I'm building a system almost from scratch and have a PS Audio IV stereo pre-amp. My budget is approximately $400. If it matters, I prefer listening to CD's of live shows (Dead, Widespread Panic, The Clash, Burning Spear, The Meters etc.) and have thousands of soundboard, matrix, etc. recordings of random music acts, but I would also like to utilize Bluetooth aptX technology to play Sirius radio via my Android phone. I'm open to speaker suggestions, as well. I've been out of the loop and it's kind of overwhelming. Thanks!
Big question with a lot of variables. The mmgs are likely the best $600 speakers on the planet as long as they can be set up properly. Plenty of space from the back wall and side walls. If you have space, then they are an option but how to power them is controversial. Some will state big solid state power is a must, others will say resolving power is the critical factor while a 3rd might say tube or something sweet/warm sounding.

Unfortunately, my experience is all of that is true. I have listened to modded MMGs being powered by a 40 wpc el34 tube amp and literally wept by the emotion the pair conveyed. However, as a long term solution- the bass was way too flabby and they speakers just were not controlled enough.

As with most things in life, compromise is key. I think high quality solid state power of medium to high power is best-somewhat tough to get at $400 but not impossible. Vintage Aragon 2004, maybe a Conrad johnson mf2100, Bryston, proceed amp2, musical fidelity, anthem? All of these we do better than a more mass market alternative.

Other things I might consider are active monitors if your room is smaller.
Thank you for the feedback. Great info. I called Magnegan yesterday and they recommended an amp that is at least 100w per channel and 4 ohm. I'll research the models you mentioned and see what I can find out. Thanks, again!
My ancient but wonderful Maggie SMGa's are a match made in heaven with my Musical Fidelity A300 (265W into 4 ohms).

Still, with that much reserve power I often wonder if it's overkill (I never set volume above 10:00 o'clock as it's just too much for the speakers to handle above that), I am looking forward to pairing them with my sweet old NAD 3140 once I repair it(full re-cap and a channel getting an output transistor).