Amp Stand for Bryston 4BSST

It's that time again for me to buy something. I'm planning to move my amp from my Salamander Rack to an amp stand. I google searched and came up with several options like sound anchors,timbernation,mapleshade etc... I also read some of the threads from the archives on the Gon.

Browsing timbernation's site I came upon a sandbox design and thought that is for me. Is this stand overkill for my amp and what stands would work well.

One possibility is to email the tech guy at Bryston,It would be interesting,I think,good luck,Bob....I believe his name is Stuart Tanner? Tyler?
Billy Bags #2020 gives the most bang for the buck IMO. Usually discounted at Audio Advisor.
You could email Bryston.

You would want to speak with James Tanner.
Stuart Taylor is Bryston's engineer and designer.

e-mail Noel @ skylan stands. Makes great products for great prices.

Did a nice job for my 14B
I recommend looking into a Sistrum stand,

I had used the AudioPoints for years with my Michael Green rack, but the upgrade to their Sistrum line is a real step up.

You can audition one for thirty days, and then decide if it's for you.


Thanks guys for the suggestions.

I saw an amp stand simular to the skylan stand from Tyler acoustics. The reviewer had casters plus a handle put on inorder to move the amp around a McIntosh MC-602.

I did email Chris from Timbernation but have yet to recieve a re-ply.