Amp stands- Do they work?

I recently purchased a Pass Aleph 3 and loved it so much that I "had to buy" a pair of the Aleph 2 monoblocks. I have been A/B-ing them at my home for the last 3 weeks for most of my free time. The 2s have a lot more presence, but lack the for lack of better words "musical reality" the 3 has. Forgive me for the term, but if you've heard the 3, then you probably understand. Anyway, I have asked most of the guys at Pass Labs and they essentially tell me I am hearing things- that the 2s "have all the sonic characteristics of the 3, just more of it" I have eliminated all other variables except that the 3 is on the bottom of my rack (Salamander Archetype), and the 2's are on the carpet in front of my system. I am interested in anyone's input as to the impact a reasonable stand might have on the sonics of my amps. I currently am acting on this hypothesis and have put the 3 on the floor next to the 2's. If it is of any help the components are in order- my source is a Muse Model 5 transport, Illuminati D-60 digital, EAD 7000 MkIII D/A, Kimber KCAG, Muse Model 3 preamp, WBT 5151 -great cable!!!!!, Pass Amps, Nordost Red Dawn speaker cable, B&W 804s. Counterpoint PAC-5 conditioner, API Power Wedge 4A conditioner. Marigo RMX ref power cables. Amps are using stock power cables- Nelson Pass's recommendation. Thanks for listening and I look forward to any input.
I trust my own ears, and blind testing introduces tension variables that affect the outcome (I also feel that listening with a group can do this, but to a lesser degree if the folks are civil...hard to get with audio guys, heh heh). JOHN ATKINSON, AND EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY INSIDER KNOWS THE BLIND TESTING FALACY ALREADY!! I've dealt with NAnderson before, and feel that he is no audiophile, but thinks he is, like certain others on here. I gurantee that I can hear better than NAnderson, and am willing to have an independant auditory analysis performed to prove it (if he pays for it with some of his precious "retirement" savings). All that said, I'm at the point where I feel that an amp stand doesn't make enough improvement with my own amp to justify buying one...FOR ME. If that makes some of you feel superior to me, so be it. You aren't, and as I've said, I can hear awfully damn good, so I'm not concerned about ridicule...give me your best, old ones...
I'm surprised that noone has mentioned what their Floor is. It seems to me that flooring would have a huge effect on whether a stand would make a difference. I have my ML amp sitting on a bladder type device on the floor, but my floor is saltillo tile over concrete on the ground. I would guess that almost any stand would vibrate more than my floor! yes or no?
re mg123: I think that for most construction the floor makes the most difference. If you have high end speakers with good bass extension, the floors and the walls first act as passive re-radiators and of course the floor vibrates the equipments. My house was built in 1935 and my listening room was designed as a large (about 7000 cu ft) music room. The walls are double thick stucco exterior with heavy plaster interior so they don't vibrate much. The floor joists are full 2x10 on 10 inch centers with a center support wall in the basement. This was to support the weight of a full sized grand piano and a room full of people. The floor is oak and the subfloor 3/4. This is much stronger than modern construction. However, when I put basement floor jacks below the speakers and the equipment stands, the measured bass response changed. (Impulse and MLSSA). Even then I use amp stands (zoethicus)and they make a difference. However I have tube amps. Getting your floor stiffened is the first step. Also the air pressure induced vibration is something to consider. Just lightly touch the largest panel on each piece of your equipment during a loud bass heavy passage to feel how much mechanical energy is transferred. I use bags of lead shot, 50-75 lbs per amp, preamp, dac and transport. It has made a huge difference.
Just for the record I have no idea who Carl_eber is and even if I did is there any reason to respond in so insecure a fashion. How does acting lack an emotional reactionary help your case. Believe in your intellectual arguments not your emotional defences. I will not respond to emotional arguments. Stereophile has a vested interest in not believing in double blind tests, even though I don't know if they not believe in them as a group, because you can say anything (i.e., anything) and no one can challenge you. Kind of great job security.