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NAD Reliability
Thanks for the updates and insight ! 
Primare I30 vs Krell KAV 400xi
Krell 400Xi looks like comparatively speaking like cheap American downscale (but compared to mass market stuff several steps above) compared to the refined fit finish of the Primare. But that superficial comment aside, the Primare I30, after revie... 
Creek Destiny Integrated vs. Current Aragon System
I had a Naim 5i for several months. Wish now that I would never have sold it in my jumping around testing different amps. It has a very immediate yet natural sound for a solid state piece. It was connected to Talon Peregrine X Mark II speakers and... 
Best Speakers match for NAD C372
The most salient aspect brought out the Stereophile and Absolute Sound reviews of the C372 is that it is the most neutral NAD and NOT warm in the NAD units that precede it. I agree it is an incredible bargain. 
Compressed Air Cleaning of Electronics
Thanks for all creative and thoughtful suggestions. Audiogon is great ! 
What current China import sounds like a CJ??
History: Lets see if these Chinese companies are around in the year 2037 assuming they got started in the year 2000. Nearly all of their operating premises is all out of wack relative to the passion, research, and support that ARC and CJ originall... 
What current China import sounds like a CJ??
Who supports most Chinese equipment today, tomorrow, or 35 years from now like Conrad Johnson or Audio Research ? In addition, there is a reason why Asia remains a large portion of the CJ and ARC's market. Sound (priority one) and rock solid suppo... 
Fisher X-1000 Manuals
On first look it appears that neither of the 2 vendors above the Fisher X-1000 manuals. However, I am awaiting response to emails to them. I appreciate the information and will continue to take suggestions from others to where I can obtain manuals... 
DK Design Review
What has happened to DK Design on Audiogon ? There use to be more than one company selling them and now there does not appear to be any on the Gon. 
What's up with Talon? 
Talon repair parts etc 
Is the Eico HF 81 really that good?
I think the Eico HF-81 has incredible musicality. If you allow yourself to have an open mind see how you just widely smile hearing real acoustic instruments and voice on this amp played through todays better speakers (use ones with an easy load fo... 
Talon repair parts etc
Depending on the version of the Khorus you have you could likely get replacement drivers, at least for the tweeters, at . I have the Peregrine X Mark IIs (they use identical woofers to the later Khorus models). I plan on taking t... 
What's up with Talon?
I agree Talon makes or made, whichever the case may be, incredibly musical speakers. I love my Peregrine X Mark IIs. 
unrestored Fisher 500-b receiver
In Wisconsin, Eric Lysne is doing great restoration Fisher and Scott tube audio work for me in the Madison, Wisconsin area. His e-mail is .