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File format compatible with iTunes and J.River
Actually, dbpoweramp does not use the EAC engine. If you care, you can see the dbpoweramp site for details. "Spoons", the developer of dbpoweramp acknowledges the technical foundation/contributions of Plextools Pro XL and EAC but the engine and er... 
File format compatible with iTunes and J.River
test was 2000 discs ripped.10 consistent errors split between visually perfect and visibly damaged CDs using Plextor drives with C2 detectionTherefore 99.5% accuracy on a per cd basis and about 99% on a per track basisToday "compulsive" industrial... 
File format compatible with iTunes and J.River
I use dbpoweramp to rip to APE for archival storage. dbpoweramp can also do lossless conversion to any format. I play APE directly using J River as my player with AISO drivers to a variety of USB to DAC devices including HAG, offramp ... 
Windows PC to USB DAC. How do you do it ?
If you can't hear any differences don't spend the money. If you aren't sure set up a double blind test. Some combos of equipment are more sensitive to grunge than others. 
Windows PC to USB DAC. How do you do it ?
If you have a dac you like try a HAG, Trends or Empirical audio USB-to-DAC device. I own all three and recommend any of them relative to the total price point of your system. Re: USB cables, non digital "grunge" is a real issue for some combinatio... 
Any DAC/CD direct with power amp success stories?
dcs Elgar or MSB Platinum to tube amps--Melos or ASL Monoblocks. Shunt to ground custom volume control and quattro fil.Terrific sound, especially with an Offramp serving lossless files through the Sigtech room DSP. 
How Does Lossless Work?
The hard evidence can be demonstrated by anyone with the right tools by comparing the MD-5 signatures, CRC Frame data based on the structure of the Red Book Audio CD at the encoding level and/or doing a differential compare of the decompressed los... 
dCS stack and PS audio powerplant
I've used a PP300 with my dcs stack for several years. No problem. I guess it is possible that futzing with the frequency of the power source could mess up something but it hasn't happened to me 
Brahms and Tchaikovsky
Magasam:Both versions of the Horowitz/Toscanini Tchaikovsky (Broadcast and Studio)are available on CD. The sound isn't great but it is better than the LP transfer. 
What is a good intro to "Mahler"?
Buxter66 While Mengelberg is one of my favorite conductors, there is a problem with recommending Mengelberg's recording of the Mahler 5th. I doesn't exist. Unfortunately only the adagietto was recorded from the fifth.Unfortuately, although Mengelb... 
Theta reliability
I have a DataBasic (now in a bedroom system) that I bought new years ago when it first came out. It works just fine. I also had a draw problem with the Universal Transpost and Theta fixed it with excellent service. 
NOS Tubes--Are they worth it? or accurate?
You raise some good points. I've got a bunch of client stuff over the next few days so it will take me some time to get my thoughts together for a more complete answer.In the mean time a quick response. I am fairly fanatical about flat frequency r... 
NOS Tubes--Are they worth it? or accurate?
To Saxo:Individual tubes from the same manufacturer have slightly different electrical characteristics. Hence matching on various parameters. If "many" manufacturers strive for accuracy in their tube designs, which I doubr but I'll take your word ... 
NOS Tubes--Are they worth it? or accurate?
I've been playing around with tube amps since I was in high school 35 years ago. I've owned dozens and have designed and built around 8 or so (I have degress in electrical engineering and physics). Garfish's points are all accurate.Speaking of acc...