Amplifier Channel Blown


I have a Monolith 7 channel X 200w amplifier and 2 of the channels stopped working recently. Is this fixable? 


Maybe ?…., Probably? …. But it’s not an DIY option: it can only by done by a professional tech . He’s going to have to do a top-to-bottom diagnostic to determine the cause and extent of the breakdown .

I am unfamiliar with your unit and its inner workings, so I don’t know if it’s an entire motherboard replacement required ( think cheap build made in China printed circuits) or whether it’s an ad hoc problem of , say, failed caps or ?? ; that can be easily replaced , A lot of the AV stuff falls into the former camp with only full board swap ins generally still under warranty if you intuitively wish to minimize the costs. If it’s under warranty then it will be required to be shipped to a tech directed by the distributor, and that is likely additional cost to sip you both ways but likely still worth it.

Assuming that it is not a warranty period issue, then the pro tech’s initial diagnostic will cost you approximately around $100 for an hour , The tech’s assessment and estimate on parts ( if even still available) and his labour time cost estimate will be presented to you.

Assuming that new parts are still available ( they don’t like to waste tech time to try to Frankenstein them from old failed units ) , then it’s up to you decide if the all-in costs to repair, now compared to its depreciated FMV , still makes any sense to proceed with the repairs.

if it’s a whole motherboard replacement required, then it’s a ka-Ching! issue that may dissuade you from proceeding with a repair unless it’s under warranty.

good luck sir.



Good thoughts… great way to look at it.  

I have had work done at an excellent high end electronics repair. So, best case maybe $250… worst case $800 or non-fixable. WAG. versus $1,800 new. Then you have to throw in length of ownership, your sensitivity to spending.