Amplifier for Harbeth 40.2


I have Harebeth 40.2 speakers and looking for thoughts on amplification for them.

Currently I use the pass labs int-250 and like it but feel could be improved upon.

One recommendation was given by dealer was to go to separates and pass labs 350.8.  That would improve bass further but not sure would improve midrange where previous VAC integrated had advtg over Pass.

Another recommendation was Luxman 900u amp.  This probably gives me midrange improvement but seems less powered than pass pas int 250 and def far less than 350.8.


I’m confused when you say that the Luxman “seems less powered”
i believe the M900u is 1,200 watts per ch.
After further review I see that would be at 1 ohm, which I think would put you around maybe 300 watts at 4 ohms. More or less...

My Harbeth 40.2 is connected to my VAC Sigma 160i SE(85 Watts/channel with Brimar and Tung sol (both NOS) input tubes and Golden Lion output tubes) and I absolutely love what I hear. I also have a RelT7i for the super low end(crossover set to 60Hz and below) and the combo sounds very good. I'm sure there are higher power amps which sound better but 'better' is a very subjective term.  The low volume detail from this combo is just magical. I mostly listen to pop/ jazz/blues and love female vocals and Indian classical. 

The harbeth is special...while I no longer own 40.2 I so have in bedroom a 7es3-xd that I enjoy alot running it with a 18 watt set amp ....yes conventional  wisdom is solid state but my benchmark dac and preamp 

Keep system rather detailed yet wonderful midrange 


As I’ve noted in other threads re Harbeths... the Hegel H590 is among the best amps with Harbeths and, as others have noted, Harbeth typically shows their speakers with Hegel amps. I use the H590 to drive my 30.1’s and 40.2’s, which makes them sound just like the demos in the YouTube videos - as good as it gets.

Though I would note that I recently tried the AR 5SE Preamp and 150SE amp - and they drove the Harbeths as well as the H590, and perhaps a bit better, since they add the air and tone of Class A tube amps - very life-like with great resolution and transparency.

Either setup is great with the Harbeths.