Amplifier for VA Mahlers... IcePower?

I am looking to buy a powerful amplifier to drive my Vienna Acoustics Mahlers, plus Oratorio center and two surround. Currently I have a bryston 4bsst but I am thinking to replace it with a 5 channel amp. Anyone tried icepower (1000 watts- 4 Ohms) modules with these speakers?
Budget is 3k and that leads me to used market.
Thanks in advance.
Jeff Rowland Design Group is really nice with the Mahlers. For two-channel I'd go with the Continuum 500 integrated, but for surround you would either want to go with the 501 mono-blocks in front and maybe the 201s in back, or buy Rowlands 5-channel solution.

Unfortunately your budget will not get you to Rowland, even used. I'm afraid that with your budget it's going to be very hard to improve on the Bryston AND get five-channels in one box AND 1,000 WPC. Bel Canto makes some good mono blocks at a lower price point than Rowland. You might look to them used.

Your desire for 1,000 WPC is reasonable in my experience. I've heard the Mahlers with less power and it just doesn't work as well. They need an amp with power and control.

well, icepower tecnology, so it appears to me, should be less expensive to build. I was thinking at d-sonic and alike.
ICEPower has lots of issues that must be dealt with, such as spewing EMI and RFI. Isolation is critical as is power management and ground management. The cheaper implementations are unlikely to be superior to your Bryston. PS Audio has some good stuff and so does Bel Canto. You've got good speakers that demand good amplification.

I agreed that 1000 WPC is reasonable for your speakers, but it may not be for your budget. You'll probably need to cut your power goal in half to stay at that price point.

I've had great luck with the Bel Cantos. Had it to do over again and I'd look more strongly at the Wyred4Sound amps.
Thanks for the decision report.

Class D need quite a bit of burn-in generally, so keep it on all the time and get over one-hundred hours on it before any really critical listening.