Amplifier fried laptop what can I Do ? Any ideas?

I put my son's PowerbookG4 Laptop on top of my Amp and left it overnight with the Amps power on
The dispay no longer works.

I can login blind but there is no finder just out of wack lines.

Do you think a degauser would help or just make it worse.
do you think replacing the logic board is necessary
any ideas no matter how farout will be entertained

We were able to move the contents of the drive to a new Macbook.

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The wacked out lines sounds like the mother board. Have you tried hooking it up to an external display and see if the computer works?

Stupid question I guess, but you didn't by any chance buy the Apple Warranty did you? If yes, they will replace whatever is wrong 100% for free and service is LITERALLY overnight.

My 17" PowerBook failed and unlike the 3 weeks for my son's new HP laptop, Apple had my machine exactly one day. They even sent a box via Bax global and paid overnight shipping BOTH ways.
Apple had a run of bad video chips - it's the heat that eventually kills them and you managed to greatly accelerate the process. Was this a Class A amp? :-)

Anyway, it's a known issue. My iBook G3 went in 5 times for the same video problem, each one lasting 6-9 months, and they fixed it both in and out of warranty until finally replacing it for free with a brand new iBook G4. Albertporter is correct that Apple's service is terrific. They're at 1-800-275-2273.

Good luck. When you call, you might want to leave the amp out of the conversation...


I blew out my first pair of speakers with that album in 1974? I kept turning up "If you can rock me" ! Then I purchased a pair of Bic Formula 4's a great speaker for the Money.They could play very loud with my awesome KLH amp
Degaussing only applies to CRT, not LCD displays.

I think you either fried something from the heat of the amp or something just fried by coincidence. My far out idea is that either way you are looking at a trip to the repair shop.
Thanks to all...Yes I did have the 3 year warranty It ran out last Christmas. I was thinking of buying a 2nd on line and swapping the mother board.

Apples NOS price for the part is more then I payed for his new 15 " Black Macbook with the memory maxed out. Its risky. so I will try running the external monitor first, I really don't have one in the house just the mac book and the soccer ball IMac. These are all integrated displays.

Thanks to everyone! even the guy who blew out his speakers when he listened to if you can't rock me

PS the amp is far from class A it is however a Magnetic Field Amplifier ala Bob Carver. Who knows what kind of Vodoo his circuitry has pulsing inside its Holographic Heart.

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