Amps for Focal Scala?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience comparing different amps with the Focal Scala? I have auditioned Krell Evolution 600w monoblocks and Musical fidelity primo/ams50 on different occasions(briefly... with good/different results) but wanted to see what else might work well? I have in mind the Gryphon Diablo which is great but havent heard it with Focals...Bryston with focals?
You may want to also consider Ayre MXR monoblocks. I use them to drive my Focal Diablo to great result.
The Ayre MX-R should be excellent. The BAT VK-600 SE didn't sound too shabby in a brief audition on Scala and Maestro.
Tha Scala are very good speakers, easy to drive.
I used Mc Intosh with big stisfaction.
Now I have Spectral. The sound is also very good
but Spectral can drive other speakers like Avalon or
Magico that they need a lot of current power.
Greetings Sergio