AMR DP 777 or LampizatOr Level 5

Hi guys,
Need your help to decide. I had listened to AMR DAC but unfortunately there is no Lampi's local representative so I can just follow your suggestions.
Thanks in advance!
I owned a DP-777 and now own a L4G4 Lampi... They are different. What type of sound are you looking for out of a dac?
Where are you located, Abronfer?

While it is true Robert and myself have elected for the time being to distribute without a dealer network, we have friends and customers all over the country and may be able to get you a listen.
Hi Jriggy,
Thanks for your replay. I have tube set up with EMMlab CDSA. I am looking for DAC with nature sound in PCM. I am listen to classical music. Thanks in advance for your help.
I have not heard the SE version of the AMR --dont know if anyone has. It has been due for quite a long time now, like a year.

For naturalness, I would go with the Lampizator. The AMR had great layering, separation, air and articulation. But IMO, that is all audiophile/personal wants and needs. Once the Lampi was in place, stuff like that just left my mind and I now just enjoy the flow of music... Forgetting about all these separate wants/needs and just listening is when you know a cable or component is right.

The AMR did some things very good and I liked it a lot actually. But the Lampizator just plays great music and I wouldn't mind going up to the L5 some day.
BTW, the AMR comments are in reference to the Lampizator.
And Fred and Rob of Lampizator NA are very helpful, as you can see. So when/if you are ready, drop them a line.
I ordered the new AMR SE player and waited and waited and waited, after over 10 months I went and bought a Lampizator BIG 6 (with DSD) and have not looked back....wonderful unit!
A final preproduction AMR DP-777 SE was shown at RMAF at their booth in the canjam area. I understand the SE should be available in November, as well as the upgrades for existing DP-777s.
I got a BIG6 Lamp myself and it is the best dac Ive ever had....and Ive heard some heavy hitters in my system. Pure musical joy. Much respect to Lapm guy in Poland and Gopher guy, the dealer for making it happen....
Many have done the flavor of the month dac dance as digital has been advancing so quickly and today's marketplace is even more crowded than ever before with all kinds of digital devices. With the reduction of brick and mortar listening locations, word-of-mouth has become more important than ever.

In my experience one of the biggest splashes in the world of Dacs has been Lampizator products, and for good reason...

I've owned a few good dacs and heard many excellent ones but the first time I heard the natural character of a Lampizator Dac in my own system, I knew it was a game changer for me. It was a Gen4 Level4 and I bought it. Since then I've moved up the chain, after the L4 I too went to a Big 6 which was incredible and am currently in amazement of my Big 7 every time I have a listen...

Customer support is excellent as both Rob and Fred are dedicated to maintaining first class attention to detail and Lukasz himself ("Mr. Lampizator") is not only brilliant but also a good listener; and genuinely glad to just "Be there" as needed.

In my opinion you can probably count the very best Dacs on one hand and Lampizator would be the first name I'd mention on that short list.
I think the wait for the AMR SE versions has been to loooooong and many customers have moved on (see Sksos1 post above). It's unfortunate because AMR was thought of as one of the top players but as time moves on people forget.
I had a Lampi L4, G4 and now I've a two box level 7. Lampi dacs are wonderful. I've never heard AMR dac but the person who bought my L4-G4, used to have AMR and Berkeley Alpha 1 and was not entirely happy with them. After he got the L4-G4, he said that the Lampi is truly the best he is yet to hear.

I've bought my L4 from Fred and L7 from Rob. They provide superb customer support.