AMT tweeters

Do all speakers employing AMT style tweeters have pin point focused images that are spacious and with air around voices and instruments?

I recently hear Monitor audio gold 100 and like it but wondering if I can get similar sound with less money like going to the Martin Logan 15i or Elac Carina. Thanks!
I'm interested in the new Wharfedale EVO line, with their implementation of AMT tweeter.  You can get their EVO 4.2 for $999/pair, which is about half the price of the Monitor Gold 100.  It is a substantial speaker.  A number of people who heard the EVO tower at RMAF were quite impressed.
I don’t have an extensive experience hearing speakers employing AMT tweeters but my general experience is that imaging is as dependent on speaker placement, room acoustics, and upstream components as it is on the speaker itself. When you compare speakers make sure you consider these other elements in your analysis.

AMTs vary a great deal in quality, and the imaging is in a very large part due to the mids and the integration with it.  
All good points. This speaker was set up in large listening room which I am familiar with. It was wedged between 2 pairs of floorstanders.
I also want to point out that Monitor Audio makes really high value and high performing speakers.

If you like them, get them. :) Oh, Parts Connexion often has them on sale! :)