An unscientific poll: How often are you happy?

What percentage of the time do you just break out in a smile and thoroughly enjoy the music *and* the sound when you fire up your system? 10%? 50%? 99%? (The other times: you hear something wrong, something lacking, needs tweaking, needs upgrading, colorations, distortions, you hear a noise, a tube might be going, not musical enough, can't suspend your disbelief the way you want to, your expectations are disappointed, it doesn't sound like you remember the dealer's system did, doesn't sound like you remember your friend's system did, you made the wrong move with the last upgrade, you doubt the money you recently spent really made a difference, the recording is too flawed, you wonder what it would sound like if you changed this or that, you enjoyed it more in the car, you question whether you've truly got your priorities in perspective, etc...) Give your %, and list the approximate $ investment you have in the system (specify new or used valuation). Mine: happy about 15% of the time, valuation around $17,000 if all bought new. Conclusions - if any - drawn later...
80% of the time I'm very happy with my system while understanding and accepting it's shortcomings. Some inherent with the SOTA, the technology chosen while others reflect specific component choice/synergy.

My situation is some what weird; with my old system there was a pervasive feeling that something just wasn't "right", regardless of the high level of performance. With my new system, I feel almost the opposite; that there is more of a "rightness" with both the presentation and my enjoyment with it. Though with the new system I have a whole new set of areas to fine-tune. Unfortunately they involve core components - my new 2wpc Moth SET amp and my existing dynamic 93db Silverline speakers - and are not easily corrected w/o major changes. The Sonatinas are just on the boarder of a realistic pairing with the Moth. The upside is that the Moth clearly bests my old pp triode VAC.

I was aware of the potential for problems when I ordered the Moth, luckily I've been pleasantly surprized and musically satisfied with the result IMS. Though I must wonder just how much of the Moth's performance is still unrealized. Considering my current satisfaction, this is a pleasant dilemmia to have. So, untill I'm able to explore other speaker types I'll make minor, inexpensive adjustments to better my situation: DIY 24awg silver/teflon speaker wire for example.

Retail value of my system is 25k.
Beautiful piece, Oz. Well written, too. There are positive facets A/B testing after all. The post above serves as an example! Clink!
100% happy with my system. In fact, I can't wait until Friday, so I can power up my system and ready for SAT and SUN enjoyment. My amps are class A, don't want to waste electricity and heat up the room. :-)