How often do you turn it on?

I am in the process of upgrading my relatively new Krell 575 Solo for their new XD. Being 64, and moving and packing 70 lb a major PIA, I question my sanity. I justify my action by reminding myself that audio is my only hobby, one that I dedicate 2 hours a day to. 

I am curious, what are your listening habits? Is it daily, do you read while listening, analog/stream/CD, age group, etc? Anything that will help get my head around my audio nervosa. 
  There is no reason to question your sanity. Everyone has his/her own listening habits. I might go a week without listening to my system and then have an unplanned six hour listening session. Sometimes I read, but mostly I listen. If I can't sleep in the middle of the night, I might get up and listen to music for an hour or two. It is about the music, about what makes you happy. And in this season holidays, we as audiophiles should all be grateful for the beauty of music and the fine components we have (or want to have)). 
Of course, you’re right... be grateful. I only have two friends who are audiophiles, hence my curiosity as to what is normal for those of us with the bug. Thank you. 
If I'm listening alone, which is most of the time, I usually have my laptop in my lap, reading and posting on AudiogoN. I also surf a few other websites that interest me. I also sometimes clean records while listening, but I'm not in the sweet spot for that activity.


The music plays here 24/7. Not having a system playing is when I go batty. If I'm not doing something musical I feel incomplete, like I'm wasting time or not being productive. It's my life's work, my hobby, my passion. My associates have always been all musical, along with my family. Everyone I know thinks of me as their musical friend in one way or another, and I'm not sure I have any real acquaintances outside of entertainment.

Sometimes when I'm visiting this and other audio forums it surprises me when I hear folks talk about music as part of their life, and not their whole being or essence. I have a hard time imagining music being a part and not the whole. I think why be on a forum full time and not be a full time music doer. That's my fault not theirs, but that's the way it works for me, especially when I see folks doing thousands of posts.

Read while listening? I do everything while listening, even listening while listening.


67 and retired; I listen at least a couple of hours a day.  Mostly as background while doing other stuff and about 25% serious listening.  Split pretty evenly between digital and vinyl with most of the "serious" listening to vinyl.  Hope this helps.
As I am retired, I listen to my main system 3-4 hours every day for serious listening. The rest of the day I listen to my secondary system while surfing the net.  I listen to FM Stereo mostly on that system. 
My listening patterns are somewhat irregular. At my spring/summer residence I listen 3-5 hours/day and read 2-4 hours/day. At winter residences I read far more listening only about 1 hour/day as I refuse to schlep vinyl and discs all over North America. 
Alas, with the exception of MG we all seem to be retirees. Thanks for the responses. 
I'm lucky....  I am an on the road tech so I listen to music the 3 or 4 hours a day I spend driving....  then after a 10 hour day of listening to my crappy mini van stereo I turn on the home rig for a few hours... 2-4

The crappiness of the van stereo makes me realize how lucky I am to own a decent system