Analog Domain EQs

Anyone have any recommendations regarding equalizers that fully operate in the analog domain? I'm looking to do some room correction, but I don't want a digital component in my tubed-component chain. Ideally, the unit would have single ended inputs (as my system doesn't have XLR connections and I would prefer not to use RCA-XLR converters).
hi Lefty-

I forget offhand -it's on their site I think. I know it can take digital in in various rates, and I believe it does A->D (for analog source inputs) @ at least 24/96, maybe higher. It's software upgradable so pretty future proof (as much as any digital piece can be.).

will let you know how it works out when mine comes in (soon).

Looking forward to your comments, Ed. I couldnt find any information on the DAC/ADC, except that its 24 bit - no word on upsampling. Where did you purchase yours?
ah, the DEQX is 24/196. Interesting...looking forward to your comments on the device. Are you connecting between your preamp and amp, or between your source(s) and preamp?
Will be between source and amps - it has the option of a built-in volume control/preamp, which I'll be getting with mine. So, ultimately it functions as 3 or 4 separate pieces in one: preamp, crossover, speaker EQ, room EQ, ( and upsampler) and can also convert single ended to differential balanced (in or out) if need be.

will post more when it arrives and I have time to configure it.

I asked this earlier--is it okay to use an equalizer designed for professional use (studio, live performance) in a home audio system? I got one affirmative answer in my earlier thread.

As for digital EQs, I'm concerned about what they will do to my SACDs since the sampling rates on these machines are considerably lower (on the models I've seen) than SACD sampling rates.