Analog highlights of RMAF 2013

I know one can not tell much of what an individual front end component is doing in an unfamiliar system context, but for those of you who attended RMAF this year, what were some of your favorite turntables, tonearms and cartridges?

I'm particularly interested in hearing about the Axiom tonearm and the Saskia II turntable. In 2010 the Dobbin's The Beat was the standout for me.
Hey Peter, the Saskia 2 was really awesome, paired with 2wpc
Globe 50 monoblocks by Dave Slagle and Win's 1953 RCA L1 speakers. The people who care about music, not just hi-fi, have exclaimed about it. I am not aware of any analog setups
which sounded bad...
Hi Peter,

The four analog front ends that were great to hear for me were:

1. The new Dobbins Kodo Signature Edition turntable. This is a step up from The Beat TT that I have been enjoying for the past 2 years. It is quite striking to see: The outer plinth material is now aluminum and the top of the table is covered in leather to match the visuals of the Absolare electronics. The internals of the plinth of the new table are different and improved from the Beat and according to Steve makes the table even quieter. He was using the Schroeder Linear tracking tonearm which is finally ready for production, along with the Lyra Atlas cartridge and the Allnic H300 phono stage.

2. Two rooms were using the new Lyra Etna cartridge and both also sounded very good by late Saturday afternoon after they had chance to put some hours on the cartridge. They were the WIlson Alexia/VTL room using a Spiral Groove TT and VTL 6.5 phono stage and the Vandersteen 7 room which used the AMG TT/arm with the ARC Ref 10 phono stage.

3. Finally, the Audio Arts room which was using a Holborn TT/arm, Allaerts cartridge ( not sure of the model) and the Trinity phono stage with CH Precision amps and Zellaton speakers.

Getting a backrub by Mandy downstairs, and hearing Lyn Stanley's new album with her sitting beside me were the highlights for me!

Actually, I was too busy to visit any other rooms, but I hear there were a lot of good ones this year.