analog upgrade suggestions needed

I am thinking of a cartridge upgrade. System is Nottingham space deck with spacearm I have enjoyed for 20 years. Phono pre is Allnic H5500.

Current cartridges are Lyra Lydian B that has been rebuilt by Soundsmith. I like the sound of the Lyra better since the rebuild! I also have a Dynavector 20x2L. I like the fullness of the Dynavector and the detail of the Lyra. So I want something that will give me both. I am looking at Lyra Kleos, , Soundsmith Paula Mk2. The Soundsmith is attractive for their reasonable re-build  policy. 

Is my space deck up to the task? Question for Nottingham experts only; Is it worth adding a wave mechanic or would I be better off selling my Spacedeck and looking for a used Space 294.


I would love to hear from anyone that added a wave mechanic to a Spacedeck or upgraded from a Spacedeck to something else.

I am leaning towards the Soundsmith Paula 2, it appears they are going on sale. Anyone had a Paula 2 on a Spacearm?

Soundsmith cartridges are wonderful I've heard the Paula 2 but opted for the Sussurro mk II. Yes seeing them offered for around 15% off now. 

I gifted my 20 year old Spacedeck/Spacearm (9") to a friend and bought the newer Ace Spacedeck with the Ace Anna 10" arm.  Many years ago I bought a Walker Motor Precision Motor Controller "speedbox" which in my opinion improved the sound of the older Nott immediately.  Whether a Nott speedbox or a Walker, I think they make a positive difference.  At this point, my frame of reference is so old that I can't point to anything specific, I just know that I instantly liked the change when I installed the motor controller and would not use my Nott any other way.  Nottingham turntables are just one of those 'old standby' breeds that fly a bit under the radar but are truly excellent products.  My dealer sells Notts and Acoustic Signature tt's which can go for $100k or so and he said I'd have to spend $30 - $40k on an AS tt/tonearm combo to make an appreciable difference.  No thank you.     

Soundsmith cartridges are nicely balanced and natural sounding.  They dont have the top end openess of the Lyra but once they break in they do offer a bit more flesh on the bone.  The Paua would be a fantastic choice.  

@jsbail , I have a Lyra Atlas. and several other cartridges including a My Sonic Signature Platinum. I think you would be thrilled with one of these cartridges. They are exactly what you are looking for. In the Soundsmith low output line I think the Sussurro is the sweet spot. Still more on the clinical side of things. If you want warm and fuzzy you should check out the My Sonic Line.