Ann Arbor, Michigan Blues Music & Record Stores

Hello everyone. Planning a trip in the near future to Ann Arbor, Michigan and was wondering if anyone can suggest any blues music venues and record stores I could visit.
I was in Ann Arbor this summer and visited a great little record store called PJ's Records. It was in the second floor of a building near the U of M campus, I forget what street. He had alot of good jazz in particular, but also a fair amount of classical and rock, and probably blues as well. Nice guy, decent to good prices.
Don't miss Encore Records on Liberty St (400 block). Very large selection of vinyl and cd.
Encore Records is excellent. Be careful, though, as it will eat up your entire afternoon if you let it. Best one for vinyl. All genres. It is down the street from Michigan Theatre and State Theatre.

PJ's is also worth a look. Really nice guy. Much smaller store, less blues without question. It is located on the second floor, above Subway. Can't think of the street, but it is very near campus.

Wazoo Records won't have any blues that is worthwhile. A still smaller shop, located on the second floor, just across State Street from campus. Don;t feel bad about skipping this one.
Don't know if it still exists, but the Blind Pig was a great place to catch live acts. Also the Michigna Theatre. And if you are ever hungry and enjoy food you'll not want to miss Zingerman's Deli. It is a must see/eat.
I forgot about Encore, it did indeed have a much bigger selection, however, the prices were also quite a bit higher in general than at PJ's. I would check PJ's first, then head over to Encore.
PJ's is on Packard, very near corner of State St. Blind Pig is still on 1st street. The Ark on Main St. showcases blues from time to time, mostly folk. A few bars in Ypsilanti also have regular blues show, Michigan Ave. is where most are located.
Yes, all Ann Arbor stores have the Blues this year, not just music stores, (due to their team's woes)!

(Sorry, but being a Notre Dame fan, I just could not resist! Misery loves company, as they say.)

And not that my team is doing a whole lot better, but still, .....

(And yes, it is fun to gloat, at least this year. Next year may be a whole other story!)

So the next topic should be:

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P.J.'s and Encore. While you're in the area, you may want to check out Paragon Sight & Sound, and Overture Audio. Bought my Wilson's from Larry at Paragon. He moved closer to town from Saline Rd. He's now at 3780 Jackson Rd. Great store. Overture Audio sells a little vinyl.
Yeah, I checked out Overture Audio when I was there, and the guy in there was great, letting us listen to a couple of different systems that were already set up in there. I would recommend them highly to anyone living anywhere near there.
i used to go to encore records twice a year. yes their prices are probably a little higher than other stores in the area but the selection is usually superior in blues and jazz.
bring a portable disc player so you do not have to share the in store machine as it can get backed up easily. last time i picked up big bill broonzy and blind willie mctell.
If your looking for live music in A2. Search on WEMU radio and go to their datebook section. Pretty good live music listing.