Annoying Hum SOLVED

For the past 4-5yrs I've always had some kind of hum on my front L/R speakers. Tried everything from disconnect/connect everything, cleaned connections, switched cables, etc.

Last summer I tried Ebtech's X Hum Filter. I tried plugging it in everything (hahah insert funny joke here), but no luck. I did hear a slight improvement when plugged into my cable box. I original knew it was coming from tv, but wasn't sure if it was my ancient Mitsu 40" tube or the cable box. I wasn't going to drop another $50 for second one since the first one didn't improve that much.

Then I found the an old thread here back that dated back to 2003 or so. Someone recommended the Jensen transitor filter that went between the cable box and the coax source of the cable. In the thread, someone said the hum was from the cable source and that there was a bad ground. Sure enough, this was it. I did not buy the Jensen since I didn't want to drop another $50. Did a little research and started with the Dayton Audio $10 version from PartsXpress. It was recommended that if this worked but caused signal dropout to try the Jensen. No need. All these years, a $10 part finally fixed it!!! I haven't been so excited to listen to my setup. I actually haven't my HT setup in 3yrs due to the hum. Now that I'm listening, getting the itch to upgrade my receiver.

Reason why I started this thread was because I couldn't find the original thread to thank the person who lead me down the path of looking into the Jensen filter. Whoever you are, THANK YOU!!!

I hope this thread helps others who are experiencing the same issue. Dang, cable companies I tell ya :)
Anyone know if this will work with a DirecTv Box? I've tried the humbuster too, and installing new ground on my electrical box. No change and yes, it is driving me nuts......

You dont need any added filter if you have a correct earth ground, your provider can fix a faulty ground for free. I have advised on this home issue probably 10 seperate times at minimum, infact again just the other day in this forum.
04-03-12: Chadnliz
You dont need any added filter if you have a correct earth ground, your provider can fix a faulty ground for free.

I agree proper grounding is important. And I would urge everyone with CATV to make sure the CATV cable grounding block is grounded properly.

The CATV cable grounding block per NEC shall tie, connect, to the main grounding system of the electrical service. Problem is NEC allows CATV companies many options where they can make the connection in my opinion. And NEC could care less about ground loop hum on an audio systems.

In this case NEC concern is lightning protection.

So the block could be grounded per NEC code and a difference of potential could still exist between the shield of the CATV RG6 coax cable and the branch circuit safety equipment grounding conductor.

If calling the CATV provider fixes the ground loop problem great.... If it does not install the ground loop isolator.