Another Golden Ear test.

A true audiophile that is able to distinguish differences in fractions of decibel and fractions of the hertz, should DEFINITELY be able to approach the pad lock with code and open it just by listening clicks... click click click... 

The sound on the correct number should sound different ...

There are lock-smith pros that can do that and so I do believe they can be a REAL testers on if there any differences can be found in wires and cables.

PS. I've just successfully verified all the buses in order to prove I'm not a robot


Ah....'Golden Ears', by Bowie.....

"Don't you just 'plain like

ears take you no where..

*Range....'ll.....*  falsetto*

" from the null points with those

Golden Earsssssss"

"....'nuthins' goin' to budge u with those Golden Fears..., ahhh"

(Ciff's Notes, audio version.....)