Another Job 225 post

I know this thread exists, but I felt so strongly I just had to start my own!

Disclaimers: I am well past my best years. My ears have gone south for the winter and never returned. My listening room is totally wrong. I buy cheap interconnects and speaker wires. (I make my own when I get around to it) On the other hand, I sold audio video equipment as a younger man. My firm represented the cheapest, most anemic 1980's SS equipment money can buy. I also sold some pretty high end stuff. My sales routine was to tell people to shut their eyes, leave their check books at the front counter and buy what they liked. I firmly believe that if it makes YOU happy little else matters. I live by that same philosophy today and have for the last 30 years. I have heard and owned an endless parade of equipment. That being said....

I bought this dang Job 225 sight unseen. Holy Cow! This thing is a hooligan, a thug, a ruffian in miniature. It doesn't attempt to reproduce the music, it attacks it with speed and fervor while wearing white silk gloves. I have rotated 6 amps in and out of the same system and the Job simply kicks them to the curb and tells them to come back when they have grown up a little. When I bought the amp here on Audiogon I was shopping for a Krell. Well, I can put that idea to rest, for the moment.

What do I like? Everything! The amp is smaller than a shoebox. It never gets hot. It has a ton of headroom. The bass control is unbelievable for such a small guy, or even for a big guy. The soundstage is wide and imaging is very solid. The higher frequencies have breath while symbols shimmer. It will reveal poor recordings for what they are. It will present sonic bliss when fed such. It is in no way perfect, as such a thing has never been made. When I swapped out a SET amp running KT88's for the Job I was taken aback. The Job sounded strident and punchy, too punchy. After an hour or so my ears decided that what I was hearing was the truth, music as it was recorded, with no hint of flavor added added by the amp. Fatigue never set in. Sonic realism, upper-mids, voices to die for, and bass control for under $2k, well under $2k. Taken as it is, I do not believe that a better amp exists, dollar for dollar. No doubt your ears will hear something different. Good! It is supposed to be that way.

Now I am off to buy a better amp, or speakers, or maybe another turntable...........