Give Jeff Beck's 'TRUTH' another listen

This was Rod Stewart's first full studio album and IMO he never sounded better. Jeff's guitar work is amazing.

It came out 6 months before Led Zepp's first album.


Imagine my surprise when I put my CD on for the first time in years, and discovered I had the 2005 remastered version, with 8 additional songs.

The quality is astounding compared to my 'OLA' release. And the extra songs aren't bad either.


If nothing else, listen to 'I ain't Superstitious'. May be the best (over)use of the Wa Wa pedal of all time.  Love it!


Check out "Beck's Bolero" which features Keith Moon, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.  It was recorded when Mr. Beck was still with or had just left the Yardbirds.

Also Ron Wood's bass tone is fabulous.  Live he played a Fender Telecaster bass with Marshall amps, but I don't know what he used in the studio.

Truth, Beck-Ola, Blow by Blow and Wired are must haves.

"Ain’t Superstitious" is the acid test for a proper LP setup.

10,000 lbs bass tone from Ronnie and great percussion.

Love hearing my minty early press on uber setups.

I also like Rod with Faces.

Edit- That entire period just sounds best on a clean period LP.


Didja hear what transpired when The Jeff Beck Group played The Fillmore in late-68? As Jeff took off on a mid-song solo, Rod meandered back to the guitar rack, picked one up and strapped it on, and slowly made his way back to the front of the stage, strumming as he walked. Jeff noticed him, stopped playing, and walked up to his mic, uttering the following: "The damned thing's not even plugged in. Bloody wanker." Rod sheepishly made his way back to the rack, removed the guitar and put it back in place. How humiliating.

On that debut album he had Micky Waller playing drums, and Micky did that tour as well. How Jeff could have gone from the tasty playing of Micky Waller to the playing of Cozy Powell---and later the even worse playing of Carmine Appice---has long mystified me. But in his final years he had the astounding Vinnie Colaiuta in his band, so all is forgiven. ;-)

I saw the original Jeff Beck Group on their first - and only - US tour in July 1969. By the end of that month the band broke up. Two divas - Beck and Stewart - couldn't get along! Rod was the best singer ever for Beck! The show I saw was on a Monday afternoon (2 PM!) in July '69 at NYC's Central Park Wollman Rink. Folding chairs and $1.50 a ticket! 

The Jeff Beck group played all of Truth and Beck-Ola. Attendance was sparse. I was there with two high school friends. I had an extra ticket. My date’s mother wouldn’t let her go to the show! I paid $6 for the four tickets - bought by my father at Sam Goody’s by Grand Central. Rod Stewart wore a pink jacket and green pants. Beck played two Les Paul’s - a black one and a gold one. Ron Wood played bass. Nicky Hopkins on keyboards. After playing for ninety minutes the show was over. No encore! The last song was Rice Pudding - the instrumental that closes Beck-Ola.

The three best albums by Rod Stewart are the S/T one, Gasoline Alley and Every Picture Tells a Story. All on Mercury. After these the decline sets in! 

I was also lucky to see Rod Stewart and the Faces at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in March ’75. That was a good rollicking show! Ron Wood on lead guitar!

Truth is definitely one of the all time best rock albums and Jeff maybe the best player from the area.

I would place The Faces Long Player among one of Rods best, guys just having fun and enjoying the music they are making.

"I had the 2005 remastered version, with 8 additional songs"

1111art-I too,have that CD.

El Becko's decision not to focus on singing was a wise decision.

I've had copies of this album for years. It was only when I got a uk first press- on the blue/black Columbia/EMI label, that I could actually hear instruments and stage depth in a way that sounded real.

I know some people have lauded the recent MoFi, haven't heard it, and didn't feel the need to buy it. I suspect finding a clean UK first is now costly. 

"I Ain't Superstitious" is the kill shot for me.