Another "Odd" Auction

Actually 4 of them on Creek equipment. Link to the 5350SE:

3 day auction, "new" items at apparently too good to be true price, cashier check/Money order/wire transfer only, only one recent feedback (from someone also with no recent feedback) rest over 6 months old, etc.

Interestingly, perhaps people have figured this to be less than straightforward as there are bids on similar items in excess of the low bid here and there were apparently no bids on the same auction run a week ago.

On the other hand, may just be a great deal.
Seller old positive feedback from sales are from people/purchasers with lots of feedback, so his old sales were probably OK. His negative feedback (4) is from him backing out of purchases on auctions he bid on.

I wonder where he would get this new Creek gear??

It's good that members want to make people aware of potentail problems. I only have one fear, and that is that people all of a sudden assume that every deal is a scam. When I read the ad it didn't seem like it was too out of the ordinary. We all know how much audio is marked up, so if he knows a dealer or got it as a gift, the price isn't too far off. Just my two cents.
Now, take the feedback that person has and read through it. What do you see? "Nice dolls", "cute clothes", "adorable top", etc. Not that this person isn't entitled to selling others goods, but.......................................................