Anthem AVM20 or Parasound Halo C2?

I'm upgrading my HT from my current Onkyo DS989 to components, and I'm interested in the Anthem AVM20 and Halo C2. Can anyone help me with a comparison of build quality, reliability, sound, upgradability, etc.? I see lots of opinions on the AVM20, but none on the Halo C2. Are these competing on the same level, or is the Halo a higher quality unit?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I love my Anthem AVM-2. Sonically it is awesome. It is not that hard to operate, especially in comparison to the Onkyo. What amp are you using? The Anthem is very neutral sounding, not dry (proceed), not warm (rotel/aragon), not bright like many out there.
Thanks for the feedback! I'm impressed with the AVM20, but since I don't want to be replacing equipment every year I want make sure I get it right. I've ordered the Anthem MCA 50 amp, but I'm having second thoughts since I can get a used Cinepro amp for about the same amount. Any suggestions?
Did you consider a used MVA-5. 100 watts x 5. You should be able to find one used. I'm sure the AVM-20 will be firmware upgradeable for a while too.
I am also very intersted in the Parasound Halo C2 verus the Rotel 1098 as an upgarde to my Denon 3802 (going the seprates route). I came across a review of the C2 unit in a British mag. called Hi-Fi News.
I am also debating between these two, if anyone has info or comparisons, feel free to share.
Check out and you will find enough info on the c2 or any other pre/pro to numb your mind if you choose to read it all.

The c2 is compared to a lot of processors by people who have owned the likes of Anthem,Proceed,Sunfire,Aragon and Bryston ect.
These owners all seem to prefer the c2 in sonics to other pre/pros up to 5-6k.
In the ever growing main c2 thread on avs forum,there is also info on buying the c2 for 31-3200.00 from an authorized dealer.
I have a Cinepro paired up with the Anthem AVM20 - you cannot go wrong. Sounds awesome!
I paired my AVM20 up with a Sherbourn 7/2100
and couldn't be happier with the results, It's
truly audiophile level HT. Good luck with your quest.