Anthem AVM30 vs's Statement D1

Looking for feedback from people that have done direct comparisons with these two units.My question is the upgrade worth the cost difference when you already have the AVM30.Looking for feedback for both 2 channel and 5.1 performance.Both are equally important to me.
Regards Les
I had an AVM-20 and D-1 to compare, so it is almost the same. The D-1 has superior DAC/s built in, so there is no need for an outboard DAC. I was using a Musical Fidelity A 324 DAC fed through the direct outputs with the AVM-20, and the By taking out (and selling the MF A 324) I feel that my source CD player sounds better going right into the D-1. Plus you get the added benefit of the D-1 bass management. And the superior DACs are there in not just the front channels, but all around in the D-1, so surround music and movie soundtrack are superior (in my system at least)
Well the D1 does do DD upsampling to 24/192, and reports have been that this yields much better sound quality (as it rightfully should).
I just bought an AVM 30 and the reason I bought it over the D1 $$$ for one thing but, you basically have all of the same inputs the same front panel and when the new upgrade comes out it is going to get everything the D1 is getting. So, the best bang for the buck is AVM 30 in my opinion.
Sonically, you are correct! I like having a few more component video inputs and outputs and I like the backdrop a little better than the 20.
Can't do a direct comparison, but I have owned the D1 for approx. 8 months now and cannot praise it enough. It is simply fantastic! Ease of use, logical layout, capabilities abound. I have it mated to a P5 and am constantly... daily amazed.