Anti-cables 'reference' speaker cables

Just got the above referenced cables. (It's just a double run of the 'regular' cable).

Question: I've heard some say they need a lot of break-in and others say they don't; which is it?

Question 2: does the soundstage ever widen out? Layering front-to-back seems pretty good, but the width has definitely suffered.

Thanks for any input.
I always notice cable break in but it varies quite a bit. Generally speaking, most high end people say that its the dielectric material that breaks in or polarizes. If that's the case, your cables should burn in quickly. I'm not an expert, but personally, I've always felt that the conductors break in, as well. I admit that I'm guessing and I could very well be wrong.

With question 2, what are you comparing it to? Are your old cables stranded?
They're starting to come around. I hooked my cable box to my integrated and just let them play all night for 3 days/nights, and they've changed markedly.

At this point they sound nothing like those first few hours.

While I'm going to continue to let them go for another night or two, last night's listening session was simply breathtaking. There's just more 'there' there (how many times can I use 'there' in one (short) sentence?).

Stringreen - if I recall you're using anti-cables with Merlins (am I right?).
If that's the case, are you bi-wiring? I'm thinking of trying it with a single run.
I'm using TSM's.
Please advise re how the anti-cables sounded with the Merlin speakers......thanks....I have the TSMs now....
I'm using the reference speaker cables bi-wired and the balanced Xshadow silver interconnects. ...just to let everyone know what I found in the break-in of these cables.....As they break in...they get grainy, fuzzy and crappy.... BE PATIENT> Actually, I found after break-in, they sounded the instant I installed them when they were new (for the first few minutes). They are now (again) very fast, detailed, fulsome in the low end, big soundstage...etc.,etc.
I found the same during break in; they go through times when they are grainy,
fuzzy and the like. It leaves eventually and then your ears are happier, but it seems like a long trip.