Anticables 4.2flex > PureAudioProject

Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III > PureAudioProject Trio15 Classics (Pi-Fe). Was using AQ Rocket 11 or WBC Ultimate 7awg cables from amp to speakers and stock internal wires.

I’ve just rigged Anticables 4.2flex from amp>speakers and crossovers>drivers. The cable is quite stiff but holds shape when bent. I got the lengths and connectors right so no issues on install. Vintage spades at the crossovers and bananas at the drivers.

The sound is quite bright and a little harsh. Lots of fine detail in the upper mids and highs that were obviously rolled off / restricted before. Sounds like I had been playing on a Les Paul neck pickup and now it’s the bridge pickup. I’m expecting break-in and smoothing over 100-150hrs based on others’ reporting.


If the wires are "AceLectrum which is an alloy of silver and gold then they will have a break-in period. My XLR interconnects took about 50 hours to start behaving. That wire becomes a very good performer over time.

Yes you are right - the 4.2 versions are solid copper. I couldn't double check that yesterday as their site was not functioning well enough to see. The solid copper wires will of course also require break in. I do own 5 of the Anticables level 3 power cables which are solid copper, and they took around 50 hours as well to start sounding smooth and refined. Even though my system is loomed with Shunyata Delta NR V2's and Alpha NR V2's I find that a pair of Anticables level 3 power cables powering the Audion monoblocs are coming in handy for ever so slightly taming the treble on the not yet fully broken in Shunyatas though they are breaking  in much faster than I am used to perhaps because of the KPIP process.