Antipodes from the Antipodes

Over the past few years I've gone through a number of streamers, Cambridge CXN2, Elac, Auralic Aries, ifi Zen and latterly Aurender N150, primarily in search of a decent app. My search was unsuccessful and I've never really thought streamers make a huge difference to SQ, although the Aurender was noticeably better than the rest. I've resisted the lure of Roon for years but succumbed to the free trial and am now a believer but it meant I had to buy a Roon compatible streamer. Enter Antipodes as I got a used Antipodes DX2 for a reasonable price and guess what I was wrong streamers can make a difference. Although the DX2 is no longer the flagship model and is 4-5 years old the sound was out of this world, in a different league to the Aurender in all respects - soundstage, clarity bass etc. As their current flagship model costs over A$35000 I am never likely to find out how good it is but it must be really something. This is not the first time the small nation of New Zealand have produced world class audio products. Remember those huge Perreaux power amps? NZ is not just about Rugby but GO the All Blacks anyway.


I just upgraded streamers (won't mention it so not to risk sidetracking your thread) but I love it.  More musical and extremely Roon friendly.  




Yep ….. the streamer / DAC digital interface ability to perform as easy, intuitive, and complete is the wild card that will distill the contenders from the pretenders. I found out the hard way….not my finest moment in this hobby.

I initially bought a superior build audio performer duo with a BRYSTON stack (network player & stablemate DAC) based on its top build and audio testimonials;

But only to find out that it’s 10+ year old proprietary, clumsy, & grossly outdated frustrating digital interface sucked big time in the extreme. . It adversely affected my audio enjoyment and created a major frustration and disappointment to change .

It paved my upgrade to a new high-end unit from MOON by SIMAUDIO with a 10 year warranty whose audio performance and MIND2 app/ digital interface are both class leading.

Add to it, the MOON 10 year warranty and a best-of-breed new unit MOON trade-in upgrade pathway (100% of your purchase price within year 1, & 75% of your purchase price within year 2) …and it was an EZ upgrade step-up in spades.


The app is a key driver in distilling down your streamer options of choice … choose wisely before you dive into an unknown app deep end … full stop.

I have been using a different streamer/server but still have my Antipodes DX3.  I plan to reach out to them and ask what shortcomings that unit would have as a streamer only.  As they have constantly upgraded their line, they have mostly seemed to address power supplies and noise but the DX3 was already optimized for the functions it provided.  When I stopped using it, I was using an outboard Roon endpoint so if the DX3 was only performing the Roon Core and server functions.  If I were to use it as a streamer only, it seems that even that older unit should perform well.  I am considering a K50 and may use the DX3 to bridge the period between selling what I have now and ordering the K50.  My experience is that they are good people to deal with.  I am glad your DX2 is working out for you.

I have owned several of the Antipodes streamers and they are fantastic!  S30 and the matching S60 power supply was my last Antipodes before I changed out to 432EVO Aeon.


What is your opinion on the 432EVO?
I am precisely considering those two brands to buy a streamer in the next months.