Any audiophiles in San Diego??

Are there any Audiogoner’s out there in the San Diego area that would like to brag or even share a listen of their Analog equipment, namely a TT? I am thinking about getting into vinyl and would like to learn more about it. I would love to see and hear what vinyl is all about. Thanks.
I'm in SD and also on the verge of adding a TT, although my current setup exhibits many of the virtues I am hoping vinyl will expand on. Have been trying to get some group interest going as I have various cables to share/demo (I'm not a dealer... just an obsessed enthusiast) as well as many tweak accessories. Also have a couple of friends with analog setups covering a wide price range. Let me know.
We are a dealer in Orange County and have the TransRotor table from Germany in house. I would be happy to have you come by for a listen. our speakers are the wonderful Acapella Violon's being driven by the Wavac HE833 mono's.
I'm a budding audiophile in San Diego. Not into analog but have just set up my first audiophile-grade system with a CD player.
I would be delighted to spin some records for you. We could even do some vinyl to CD comparisons. Please contact me directly if you are interested in dropping by.

Ken, Matt, thanks for chiming in. I just emailed another audiogoner in San Diego too, Mr. Hirsch was going to phone me this evening. Please feel free to email me offline at I need a few lessons from the vinylphobes out there.........
Welcome to the Audio Guild.We meet once a month usually on the 2nd Wed of the month.Usual meeting place is at Stereo Unlimited on Sports Arena. Time is from 6:30 to appx 9PM
We usually have a speaker and listen to music. Mnay of us, including myself have analog setups. I pesonally have over 4000 LP's ( Crazy huh) and you can see my system in the virtual systems.( Search: Hales based system)
If you show up next Wed at the meeting, I belive we will be having a talk from Albert VonSchweikert.( Speaker designer of some talent)