Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?


Im using Golden Reference in my System(Merlin VSM Speakers), and the bass is natively stronger with the Gold Ref than any other cable i had the chance of using.

This is a good thing in the case of my system as the speakers are a little lean for my taste, so the cable, whether it adds unnatural bass or being very natural, is very good or me.

I want to go deeper since i have to buy a longer pair(from 1m now to 2m), because distances between amp and speakers recently changed here.

So before i buy id like to know if there is even more "bassey" cable out there.

Great info Y’all! Thanks so much for contributing.
I ordered the cheap ass InstallGear 10 Gauge OFC in order to A/B on the spot and put this thing to rest. If the $30 it cost can set me free, ill take my wife on a vacation with all that left over money and then some!!
I’ve got Revel Salon 2 speakers (22k/pair retail). It’s generally accepted those are one of the best speakers money can buy. My search for cables ended when i looked inside of those. The cables between external connectors and crossover are about 18ga, not even sure they are pure copper. And those are big speakers, i think there may be 3ft of cables inside. On top of that, there are pretty lousy connectors on the crossover board and kind of a small switch regulating hi-freq response.

Sorry to say, but the Merlin is anything but this thing you describe. the wiring and connectors are on another level. Really sorry to hear that this is what you got for 22k...

I addition, it is true the signal is as good as the weakest line, however, the more weak links you add, the more degradation you get. So its accumulative, not binary.

So i think your Philosophy is void, im afraid.

However i DID order that lousy wire you suggested, just to see and put an end to this once and for all(at least for myself...)
You should see all of the generic wire your precious music goes through before getting to the recording medium.  None of it is audiophile approved. 
As humans we all want to believe in attaining acoustic perfection.  Believe me, I have tried more cables, gear and speakers than most to that end. 
I BELIEVE that there is no perfect combination for everyone.  I run Beldon 10awg to my woofers and a composite of 4 x 14awg , Audioquest  cable to make up 11awg to my tweeters.  I couldn't reliably hear the difference between these and comparable gauge $15K wires from Audioquest and Analysis Plus.  My co-workers accuse me of hearing things that they don't hear as well. 
I had Salon 2's and now have JBL M2s.  I hear differences in cables, but nothing is earth-shatteringly different.  Don't obsess about this stuff.  Experiment a lot, because it is worth the effort for that last nth degree and it is fun! 
"Don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see".  This saying has served me well in life. 
Funny you would say that i should see it, as by chance i own a recording studio and been doing this for 32 years..;-)

However, when creating recordings you utilize correction gear all day long to create the recording, be it microphones, Equalizers, Compressors/Limiters, effects and what not. You use them to get the sound YOU want to hear.

In a listening environment you attempt to play back the Recording as faithfully as possible. Totally different paradigm.

ANY recorded material is already a MANIPULATED representation of nature by definition.

A listening room is meant to FAITHFULLY reproduce the Recorded material.

I had no luck at all with Cardas.  Colleen tried to help, but every cardas cable was grainy, indistinct, with what seemed like diminished dynamics.  The more money,(up the Cardas ladder) the better, but Cardas just didn't work in my system.