Any Eminent Technology LFT 8 owner in the Bay Area

I was wondering if there's any place where I could test drive the Eminent Technology LFT 8 a/b planar speakers in the CA Bay Area.
Since ET's destributors are kind of scarce, I'd like to listen to the speakers before I decide to buy it or not.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've owned them and the Magnaplanar 1.6. I prefer the Magnepan. Do try to listen before you buy. They're good but not to everyone's taste.
An audition is a good idea. I owned them also but they weren't to my taste.
I think they sound better the Magnepan but both are great speakers, call Bruce Thigpen at ET and ask if he can put you in touch with a close owner......great guy.
Should have put in my post that although the speakers weren't for me, as Chad pointed out Bruce Thigpen is a wonderful person to deal with.
Yes Bruce is a great guy!He doesn't live far from a friend and I. My friend bought a pair of LFT 8s from him. He was nice enough to fly the speakers up on his private plane. Terrific guy in deed!!
My friend still owns them.. that was over two years ago.
Has anyone managed to compare the LFTs with Newform Research's 630v3?
These are other hybrid speakers that I was thinking of.

I liked the Maggie 1.6 but I just couldn't compromise on the lack of punch in the bass (even for a jazz/classical music listener that I am).

Thanks a lot,
You ever considered a large single driver speaker? They sound similar to Maggies just with more punch and clarity..depending on the design. There's also no integration issues like you'll find with most hybrid designs. Also it opens up the door for a wider range of amplifier choices. Their not for everyone..but you sound like a good candidate.
Thanks Gmood1!
Never tried such speakers. Can you give some examples (within the same kind of price range)?

There's quite a few out there. Some aren't true single driver speakers,but they do follow the basic concept.

These are just a few of the Single Driver or crossover less speaker sites. You have open baffles,Transmission lines, Horn loaded and Concentric Drivers... the list just goes on!

I would just get out and try to listen if you can. Some are so exotic,listening will be tough. If you want pant shaking bass'll need a sub with most. If you want deep articulate bass with no boom. There are some SDs out there that can do it. Just don't expect to play them at 110 dB.

Morrow audio

Hawthorne audio

Brines Acoustics

Decware speakers

Omega loudspeakers

(cut and paste this one) by John Kalinowski or

Here's a site that introduces you to single drivers Single Drivers Website
Wow, pretty overwhelming...
Thanks a lot for all the links. I'll look into them.
Every time I think I'm zooming in on a set of speakers, something comes and opens up the search again. Frustration...
why not buy an apogee duetta and forget about the magnepan, et and single driver speaker ? cone colorations exist in single driver designs.