Any experience with room correction ?

I have read of the benefits Of RC components,i.e. Sigtech and TACT. My concern is of the detraction a device in line may cause, especially with an all tube system. Any feedback would be appreciated.
I have not used the Sigtech or the Tact, but do use a McIntosh room equalizer. I have the same concern you do, and have biamped the system and use the correction only on the bass (below 125Hz). I want to get a better EQ for the bass, while the Mc is good--it's not at the level I would like. I am speaking with a company that makes professional studio gear and trying to get them to make a parametric EQ specifically designed for this application. It will be extremely low noise as it will be designed as a high end piece of gear with components used for professional recording studios, and it will be analog, so there is no A/D or D/A conversion. Also, it should cost well below 1/2 of the TACT RCS 2.0. Well, they have not yet agreed to build it, but I would be interested in hearing from others if something like this would be useful to enough people that I can convince them that this project is worth their while. Also, I'm not associated with this company, other than a friend of mine owns it. I want to buy one of these things for myself--I have nothing else to gain from it. Siddh, I don't know if I've helped you much, but I would be interested in your response to this and anyone else out there interested in room correction.
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As with all component additions, the actual benefits or declination within the system, may only be realized with the the piece in line. All else is theory. The possibility of adding an analog design does ique my interest. If you are convincing in spurring your friend's company into manufacturing a prototype, please let me know. I would gladly audition, with feedback, with intent to purchase.
Both the Sigtech and the Tact do all their corrections in the digital domain. There is virtually no degradation in the signal.BTW They really work.
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I heard the Tact at the Stereophile show in NYC today. I was very impressed by the demonstration. The others in the room were also. Music was demonstrated with the correction and without. Wow! The most noticable difference was the bass. Any muddiness was gone with correction. The drivers start and stop enabling you to hear between the notes in a way I have never heard. Vocals were more focused. They demonstrated with a Tact digital amp. In my opinion, it was by far, the most impressive exhibit at the show today. It is a preamp amd comes with the option of a DAC, which is connected after it, and before the amp. Retail is $3000, $3600 with the DAC. Considering the elimination of the need for a preamp, it seems like a great deal.