Any good opinions of Mcintosh MX134/206, MHT100?

I'm hoping to replace my Kenwood receiver soon and would like some input. I'm also fairly green in this arena and dont want to repeat early mistakes(kenwood reciever!). I have a 5.1 Paradigm speaker group and have been very happy with it,although it could use more midrange and bass. I have listened to both the preamp and receiver from Mcintosh and fell in love with the sound, looks, and "perceived" build quality. My impression was that they are mostly free from the horrible processing modes(jazz club, stadium,etc.) that take up space in my current system and replaced it with some solid engineering experience. I would like some feedback on these peices and possibly others that are comparable. I have also been looking at Rotel and Sunfire, both more in my price range, but hopes of longevity keep me leaning towards Macintosh. Am I just a victim of clever advertising and smooth talking salesmen or what?
Go with the sound you liked about it. i am and have been satisfies with Macs for years but even more so with the new crop of units. When it comes time to upgrade or sell you will be glad to have their resale value.
I agree with Ljgj. I too have fallen in love with Mc sound and despite auditioning extensively, I have yet to find any combo in the price range to justify replacing mine. I will be buying an MHT100 soon to add to my Mc separates for HT. I auditioned the MHT with a B&W speaker setup and it sounded absolutely incredible. Not to mention it is a steal compared to the MX134/MC206 which, BTW does not really sound any better/different. I own the MC7100 amp from which the MHT100 amps are derived (mine is rated with more power but the MHT can really rock just as well) and it seduces me daily with its soundstage, resolution, and above all, musicality. Some people may tell you that the MHT does not have the latest formats (DTS EX, Dolby ES) but there are extremely few titles available in these. Like SACD only worse, so it is no big deal IMO. It sounds holographic with excellent presence and comes with features to spare like full pre-outs, 2 channel bypass so you can use it as a regular 2 channel preamp with all processing out of the loop, two independant zones, etc. Email me if you need more info as I have been looking into all this in great detail. Disclaimer: I am just a Mc fan and am not business-affiliated with them in any way :) I too use Paradigm (reference studio) speakers and find them to be a true bargain for being so capable - I ditched my B&W N802s for them. Mcs have an excellent synergy with them.

Some people here don't like Mc but nothing pleases everyone anyway. If you like their sound, buy Mc and love it.
Aball, one more thing I have been wondering, and have forgot to ask when in the store ( I wander around all starryeyed) is if the factory warranty will be void if I purchase a used mac. This would bring a separates combo into my grasp.

Like you said, the mht has the stereo preouts so I could bump the amp up down the road, maybe the speakers too. Thanks for the input.

very glad to have found this site
I have yet to be disappointed with ANY Mac. I have not heard the MHT receiver, but since I bought my first Mac in 1970, I haven't looked back and remain a loyal fan. Build quality IS superb. Since 1970, I have yet to call upon a warranty. However, somewhere, sometime, a lemon can slip through. (It can happen to anyone.) I don't believe Mac warranties are transferable. Good stuff. Your call.

Mac warranties are not transferable but sometimes the units purchased slightly used still have the warranty card which hasn't been sent in.
In my experience there can be quite a few used Mcs with the warranty card unfilled. The problem is that you need a dealer name on it. I have come across some dealers on ebay that will sell you demos for a good price and, as long as you agree to not tell McIntosh you bought it online..., they will ship it to you with their name on the card so you get the warranty. I came across this for the second time just last week.
And to beat it all, a friend of mine bought a used MC300 that had a meter quit on him. He called Mc and they replaced it for free! He had to pay shipping to and from but it is hard to beat that kind of customer appreciation, for a used unit! Not to say they will always do this, of course. Anyway, it is very good stuff.