Any idea what Dynaudio Contour 1.3se are worth?

I’ve decided to let go of a mint pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.3se's (rosewood & with original boxes). I bought them on Audiogon back in 2005 and because of circumstances, I’ve barely listened to them. I’ve poked around a bit but I can’t seem to find any for sale, and neither have I been able to figure out what a fair price is.
Any help is greatly appreciated…

I sold a pair of these in the piano black finish for around $1200 about a year ago. Mine did have some minor damage and were rated a 6. You could sign up for Audiogon bluebook and see what others have sold for.
They only seem to come up for sale a few times a year and they usually sell in a few days at the going rate of $1700 to $1800 for a good pair. I'm running my 1.3se's with retail 20k + of electronics and I view the speakers as a very worthy link. Until I find the right upgrade or time fades them away I'll keep the 1.3se's
Yes, $1700 - $1800 is a good price to expect.
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