any opinions about the bat vk d5 cd player ?

i'm about to buy a bat vk d5 cd player because it was recommended to me by an audio dealer as warmer sounding than the cary 303/300 .

i don't entirely trust a salesman's opinion and would really appreciate any input as to the sound of this cd player.
I have both so here is my take. The BAT in the 6922/6dj8 has more of a honey glow to the music than the Cary. The Cary has more detail and more deep low end extension. I would say that perhaps the best description is the BAT has what I would call the classic tube sound of the 60's, while the Cary sounds like you went thru a 60's unit and updated caps, resistors and other parts. Email me if you need to know more.
I had both the VKD5 and the VKD5SE.

Both are players that are easy to live with long-term. The D5SE had a bit more bass extension. The D5 was a shade warmer than the SE, however both players are "warm".


Paul :-)
Another CD player in that class ( though soild sate ) would be Wadia 301 or 302 if you can find one. I think tihs one does it better than both of the fore mentioned.
I agree with Waltfarr and Beemer about both the BAT and the Cary. I have the Cary and auditioned the BAT. They are both quality players, with the BAT definitely the more euphonic and 60s-sounding--which, to me, is a good thing. The Cary is more resolving and more tweakable with tube-rolling, but it doesn't have that "honey-glow" that Waltfarr identifies as the BAT's audio character.
i own the bat vk d5. it is anything but warm. i have mullard tubes in them and i have tried amperex as well.

it sounds like solid state. it's analytical and has too much emphasis in the lower treble/upper midrange.
there is no honey glow and no 60's sound. i have also used several line cords to try to get some bloom and romance.

i suspect the differences we are reporting have more to do with how we describe the sound than the actual sound of the player.
by comparison my audionote has the vintage tube sound.

i made a mistake by buying this player. i would love to sell it, but it would have to be done discreetly.

it is intrinsically not a bad product, just another typical 24/192 player which doesn't sound like there is a tube in it.
Mrtennis, you are exactly right about the VK D5. I have used it as a long time player in my second system because it couldn't cut it in the main one & I'm too lazy to sell it. I've never been that impressed with many BAT products actually.