Any opinions on the Symposium Acoustics Platforms?

I am looking for some thoughts from those of you with personal experience using the Symposium Acoustics platforms. I am particularly interested in the following models: Isis Shelf, Svelte Shelf, Super Plus Platform, and Ultra Platform. The platforms will be used with a custom Billy Bags Pro rack with sand filled tubing.

For those not familiar with the product, here's a link the to their site: Symposium Acoustics

I was considering the Ultra Platform to place under my Levinson 23.5 amp. I would also like to try one of the other shelves under my Classe Six preamp and Levinson No.37 transport.

Happy listening!
I'd try em under your sources first. I have a Ultra under my turntable (SME 20/2) and a Svelte w/point pods under my Esoteric DV50. Both are jaw dropping improvements. They all sit on a Arcici Suspense rack which is supposed to be stellar in vibration contro. The Sysposium products really really helped. Especially on detail, noise floor, bass extension and top end air.
I have Sveltes under my 47Labs Flatfish, under my FI Super X amp, and under an Audio Note M2B linestage. They are superb
I utilize Svelte Shelves under my floorstanding speakers. I know of a number of other people who do this and they also get good results (tighter bass and improved clarity).

I also utilize an Ultra platform and roller blocks under my preamp. My preamp (ML Ref. 32) has a separate power supply, so it probably does not need much additional isolation. Still, there is some improvement in clarity and dynamics. I've heard really dramatic improvement with the Ultra used with other brands of linestages.

These isolation platforms also have very dramatic effects under CD players.

Like any such tuning devices, you have to experiment. It is possible to dry out the sound too much, particularly with source components. Given the cost, it helps to work with a dealer that will allow you to borrow platforms and roller blocks.
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Symposium Acoustics

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Thanks to those of you who left comments so far.
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I spoke with Peter at Symposium a couple weeks ago. He was very nice and passionate about audio and his products. He was also willing to take some time to talk about my system and what could be done to improve things. He suggested the place to start would be with my ML No.37 transport and my ML No.23.5 amp by placing a svelte shelf under the transport and a Super Plus or Ultra under the amp. After that, probably Sveltes for the preamp and DAC in that order. I am going to try out the Gingko Cloud-11 under my VPI HW19MKIV table.

It sounds like the money may be a good investment from the comments so far.
I have sveltes and rollerballs under my transport, dac and dejitter device. They work wondefully:

1. Tighter bass
2. Better detail