Any opinions on vinyl audio quality of Dead Can Dance's new Dionysus?

Just curious if anyone that has purchased the new Dead Can Dance release Dionysus on vinyl can comment on the audio quality and if it's up to their usual standards. They have a new label and I was hoping standards haven't declined. Also curious if there are any comparisons between the cd and vinyl audio quality. I found the vinyl to be superior in their last release Anastasis.
The LP is superior to the CD, and the LP is stunning in quality and sonics. The music is a lot more "mid-eastern" and Lisa Girard is not prominent. But all in all, a great release.
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After listening to the lp myself now, I find the mix a slight bit too "hot" and bright compared to everything else in their catalog. I don't know if this was recorded in their Quivvy Church studio or not as it's still for sale after at least two years on the market. Definitely found all their previous releases to be more a little more naturally balanced to my ears. It is a worthy addition to their catalog on aesthetic terms, most enjoyable.