Any place in NYC to have LP ultrasonic cleaned? Will it help?

I have several LPs that have loud ticks because of a vacuum hold down I used to use.

will ultrasonic cleaning help?

anyplace in NYC area to have a couple cleaned or an audiogoner that might let me clean an LP or two to see if it helps?   I have a Rickie LeeJones POP POP that’s I’d like to “de-pop.”

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If hand washing does not lessen the pops... nothing is going to help.
I think Elizabeth is mistaken on this. It's amazing what a proper US cleaning can do - even with an LP already thought to be "clean."
Don't know if if your up for it but steam cleaning records work very well. I have a vacuum, US and steam cleaner all have there own place in me cleaning records. 
Paul, I have a powerful home steam unit for clothes (not handheld). Any suggestions for using it without damaging the LP? I’d still love to try ultrasonic if anyone knows of a place in NYC area .