Any Pro-ject RPM 10 owners out there yet?

If yes, please comment on the deck...
Last issue (June/July) of Absolute Sound had reviews of Pro-Ject line. Pick up a copy.
Ehaller: I think everyone on agon trusts our views more than the magazines.. They also don't compare the table to any other tables in the price range. Still interesting read about the line progression.

What other tables at a $2500 retail did someone choose the RM10 over other brands?(plus the cash for the true speed control the RM10 doesn't provide stock but the review recommended)?

Any owners care to discuss their Turntable progression to the RM10?
not yet, but i am close to purchasing an rm9.1, same table sans plinth i believe. have had a linn axis for about 15 years. would love to have a michell gyro or oracle but believe the 9.1 may be an audio bargain.
Seems to me the competition at the $1600 and $2500 price points has gotten sort of fierce. At $1600 you have the VPI Scout w/JMW9 arm, the Pro-Ject RM9.1, the Music Hall MMF7, the Funk Firm or Funk Vector with a variety of arms, including a Moth (Rega-sourced) with Incognito wiring option, and the Rega P5, Clearaudio Emotion/Satisfy, Marantz, Thorens TD700.

At $2500 you have the VPI ScoutMaster, Music Hall MMF9 with a nice cartridge, Pro-Ject RM10, Funk Vector with an even better arm, Thorens TD850 or TD2010, Clearaudio Champion Level 1, and one I think you *have* to consider at this price point, the Rega P7.

I heard a P7 recently and I felt that the way the music emerged from a peaceful, still, noise-free background was outstanding. I didn't realize how much of what?--hash? noise? IM? I dunno--colors the emotional content of audio playback until I heard the P7 where its total absence was notable--where my shoulders dropped and the tension went out of my body because of how it sounded and how it *didn't* sound. The Rega electronics may have helped, but it was obvious that the source (P7) was not contributing any hash to the signal.
My father did a demo on the 10.....the Scoutmaster bested it, he bought the VPI.
I have a Pro-ject 9. You can see all my treads here. I got it second hand and it needed a little work. Sounds good now and better then the VPI scout i listened too.