Any "nOrh" product users out there?

I was just wondering if any of you own any of their products? Maybe some of you have heard them? What are your opinions?
A friend in Texas has all Norh products. He speaks highly of them. Says great value for the money. I personally have not heard any of their products.
I have a pair of nOrh 7 speakers in the Wood and a pair in the black Marble. I was previously a SF user and had Concertinos, Concertos, EAIIs and finally a pair of Signums. IMO the nOrh are an all around better sounding speaker. I guess that point can be debated but the nOrh at least was a great bargain in the audio world. The HT and 4.0 are still a super bargain. The Marble 7 at $2K is still not bad. I originally bought the wood 7s and Barnes allowed me to upgrade to the hand carved Marble enclosures for $800.00 "delivered" to the US with crossovers. These cabinets are a work of art. You will not find a deal like that from any of the big boys. The customer service is first rate and delivery from Thailand to the US was 4 days. UPS can't get something across state in that time. They are a remarkable sounding speaker but some people love and some hate the HORN. They are now making the Prism style but I have not heard them, for those desiring the more conventional design. Love or hate the way they look, I have yet to see a review by anyone who does not like the way they sound.
I have a pair of nOrh 9.0 marble which I enjpoy very much. They are far better then any other speaker I have owned or listened to in their price range. You will see very few used nOrh for sell. I owned a pair of wood nOrh and sold them to a friend.
I have owned ProAc, b&w and many other brands, but for the money nothing comes lose to the nOrh.