Couple questions for Tru-Lift users

Hi Folks,

I implemented a Tur-LIft tonearm lifter on my VPI Prime. I have been considering buying one for some time now, and after reading numerous reviews and watching a couple YouTube Videos It arrived just yesterday. I got it setup and it works great. I have not yet read about anyone who has said it has malfunctioned or failed, but I cant help but think the "what if" as I watch my tonearm track the record. Which leads me to my first question. Has anyone experienced the Tru-Lift prematurely trigger as bass resonates, or simply slip out of the groove that keeps the trigger in place when armed? I cant help to thing "what if this thing triggers before the tonearm reaches it" that would be a bad day I would think with the record grove trying to advance the stylus. Or if that little grove on the shaft becomes worn and allows the lifter to raise. So while its a great little device I thought I would ask if anyone has had any problems such as this.

My second question is: When your not playing records do you leave the Tru-lift armed or do you leave it raised? If you leave it raised you have to get into the habit of arming it before you begin your listing session or you could run into the same problem (self imposed) as above. So using it its a different mindset and some habits are hard to break initially as playing records is kinda second nature in how you work your TT.

I am hoping that all replies are positive because I really would like to feel comfortable and have trust in the Tru-Lift. I guess it is a mechanical device and mechanical devices can fail so just looking for some feedback on your experience with it. Oh and just a note. I have not tried to adjust the sensitivity of the trigger mechanism as I would suspect that could lead to some real problems if not done right. So my main concern is has anyone had an experience where it has triggered prematurely?

As always thanks in advance

I’ve used one since it was first introduced.  I’ve had occasional “misfires”, but usually self induced.  My experience has been,
 that if it is adjusted correctly, as yours seems to be, it is trouble free.  It’s not a big deal though,  even having the tonearm run into the raised Tru-lift has not caused any damage.  Also, I leave mine dis-armed when not in use.  It will become a habit for you pretty quickly.
I have mine for about 5 years. Never had any problems always worked perfectly. I leave mine open when not in use just so the spring isn't compressed.
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Thanks guys. I was hoping to hear that. Leaving it disarmed is what I suspected most people would do. I plan to follow that practice as well. 
Thanks again for the feedback 
Hi Keith, I use the Audio Technica version. The one thing you have to worry about is the arm sliding backwards off the lift bar. It looks from the pictures that the your lift bar is a solid metal dowel, no rubber cover or grippy surface treatment. The anti skating wants to pull the tonearm backwards off the lift bar. If you are busy and leave the table alone long enough the tonearm can drop right off the lift bar then advance into the bar where it jambs and leaves a permanent skip in your record. This is the voice of experience talking. I ground a slight detent in the lift bar which on the Audio Technica is a hard rubber, right at the contact point with the tonearm. Problem solved. Watch the tonearm after it is lifted. It probably goes backwards a little when it is lifted. Turn the table off and leave the tonearm on the lift for several hours. If you come back and find the tonearm at the edge of the bar or on the record you have this problem. You can put a narrow strip of Velcro along the very top of the bar to give it some grip or do what I did and grind a detent at the lift point.

great point. I have wondered about that also. As a matter of fact I did exactly what you suggested, however I simply watched if for a bit to see If it was nudging back toward the outer part of the lift bar, and I’m happy to say it stays put, however I did not allow it much time at all. Honestly I really never walk away from my TT when playing recoreds and wanted the tru-lift just so I can take my time getting up from my seat. However with this new confidence that the stylus now won’t now lick the label I can see myself lured into that behavior possibly. I will take your advice to look into that further for sure. Very good point and thanks.