Any Recommended Amps for Dali MS4?

I have been enjoying a pair of Dali Euphonia MS4 fronts presently driven with an ARCAM P1000 amp, but of course I know there's more the enjoy with these wonderful speakers.

Any recommendations of an Amp (tube or SS) that would pair well with them?

Thanks in advance,
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You might want to contact Sound Organisation in Dallas (importer) and see what they recommend. Very nice guys.
Auditioned Helicon 400s and Helicon 300. The Euphonia MS4 crossover is the major difference.

(solid state)
Mcintosh MC252
Simaudio 70 watt

Mcintosh MC275
Consonance 18 watt Monoblock
Conrad Johnson MV60

Two surprises from the list was Simaudio and Consonance. Both components really helped push the dynamics of the speaker. I preferred the overall tube sound because it was smoother in mids and highs but with authority in the bottom end.
Funny, I will be in your situation before long since I am getting a pair of MS4 to replace a Mentor 6 I am selling. I have the Helicon 800 mk II as well. I am running the Mentors on a Vincent 236 mk (hybrid tube) and the Helicon's on a Lyngdorf Millennium mkiv, both are 150 W. Of course these are easier to drive the the MS4 given the sensitivity. I recently contacted DALI regarding my set up and either of these amps; that is 150 W and/or hybrid amp. Their ideal recommendation was to bi amp the Euphonia's. Ok, so second best was to bi wire (which I do now with jumpers in one case and bi wire in the other) and to use an amp that can handle a 4 ohm load. I can tell you I will not change amps for hooking up the Euphonia's but then I do have the luxury of 2 amps in this system. My research tells me that if you stay at least in that W range you will be fine. The DALI's are known to be driven, and sound great, with tube gear, but you may opt for a hybrid since it may cost a fortune to get a very powerful tube amp, and frankly I do not trust the physics behind those who claim that tube power is twice SS power. In the past I have phoned DALI USA and asked to speak to a tech. I got a friendly, heavy accented Danish man that took all the time in the world to answer my questions. As I enjoyed our conversation drifting into Danish classical composers, little did he nor I know I would go on to keep buying up in their speaker line. If he is still here, his email is: Good luck and let me know what you find out, I am at
FWIW - I am running the Helicon 800 mk2 on a Gamut DI150 with great success. Perhaps the fact that they are both Danish helps. Have tried a few other amps with a few Dali speakers, and this is the best combination by far for me. Excellent results. I did not like Mac(tube)/Dali combo I heard. The higher end Dalis are wonderful, and it is easy to become addicted to their sound. I am now discovering that Dali speakers seem especially sensitive to speaker cables. Recently changed to Nordost Heimdall with significant improvement, despite my skepticism on trying this combo.
I'm very pleased with a BAT Integrated vk 300SE driving my Dali Helicon Mk II's. I've not yet experimented with cables like Mike60 in the post above, but that will be my next investment. Please let us know which amp & pre you ultimately choose to drive your Euphonia MS4's.
Best of luck, they're simply fantastic speakers.