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listening in the dark?
Have you tried looking at your tubes glow while wearing earplugs? Magical. 
Focal Scala V2 vs BW 800 Diamonds
I have heard them and I preferred the Scala. Depends heavily on your room and equipment, as well as your preference in sound attributes. 
Greatest song titles..
How about an album title: "I started out with nothing and I still got most of it left"....Seasick Steve 
Magico S5 review
I drive myself crazy comparing before I buy and it can take a long time researching, listening and trialling in my system. Trying out just one speaker, and buying it because you love the improvement for the price is an equally valid approach, but ... 
Magico S5 review
This thread is a older than I realised so read my post in that context. 
Magico S5 review
I have heard a number of the high end older Focals and it put me off the brand completely for many years. The new Focals however are a completely different story. You need to listen to a lot of modern speakers to see how they excel by comparison. ... 
Shunyata Zitron Python Burn-In?
I am not convinced a rounded top will get better with burn in. The rest will improve (in my experience). However, I have never burnt in this cable. 
Sixto Rodriguez
Forget the movie, good as it is. Get his albums! 
Searching For Sugar Man
One of the most underrated artists in the history of music, in my opinion. 
Esoteric K-03 or K-01
I really trust the brand. All CD players give trouble but I believe that Esoteric is still amongst the best in reliability. The K01 sounds superb to my ears and I did hear and try other "top" brands much touted on these forums. As your K01 runs in... 
Esoteric K-03 or K-01
......I remember telling that Denon1 how quiet I thought Esoterics were, and how wonderful they sound. Anyway, if you are getting the K01 you are on for a treat! 
Esoteric K-03 or K-01
Denon1,I am confused. Are you the same Denon1 that told us you sold your K03 because you said it had noise problems and bought another brand and never looked back?Maybe I am remembering wrongly. I remember telling that DenRegards. 
How Many Tweeters Does A Speaker Need??
This is a good question. I would like to hear a speaker designer's view. I thought doubling up usually to increase speed/response, in the mid range anyway. I always wondered how exactly those dual mid range cones could move in sync, and what issue... 
Angus and Julia Stone
No interest? Anyone try Angus Stone's album Broken Lights" 
Wav to Flac using Dbpoweramp
Thank you all for taking the time to give such great feedback. I am hoping for some breathing space from work so I can digest it fully and try a few things. Thanks for the feedback so far.