Any Spendor D9 owners out there?

If so, let me know your thoughts and matching equipment.

I just purchased a pair recently after hearing them at dealer and being very impressed...

I have never had pleasure to hear D9’s but have been a D7 (with gorgeous “Spendor Dark” premium finish) owner for 6 months.
I am extremely happy with them, and chose them after auditioning around 20 other speakers.
I toe in slightly, but not directly at listening position. Tweeter points just outside of my shoulders maybe a foot or foot and half. Speakers are 13 ft from listening position and separated by about 11 ft.
The LPZ tweeter really takes the D series to the next level above the A and classic series, imo.
I also have mini monitor SA1 in secondary system, but the D7’s are my favorite. 

Regarding bass, I’m extremely impressed with D7. I have big room (15’x39’) and while I supplement with a REL S5 sub, I don’t really need to and only have the Rel volume at 3 clicks of 40 or something and crossed over at about 36Hz, so the REL isn’t adding much. 

Amp is ARC DSI 200
I heard the D7 at Hi Fi show a month ago and was very impressed from their ability to throw a large deep soundstage from a relatively their small size box. They sounded to me much better than very similar speakers the Proac D20. I currently own the Proac D30RS which are in completely different league and if the OP considering the D9 he should check the Proac D48 too.
Hi itzhak1969,

According to your name you are from Israel, so do I :)
I can see you have a lot of knowledge regarding ProAc. I have a few questions regarding ProAc, and maybe you can help me with it on email or phone.
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