Any Spendor D9 owners out there?

If so, let me know your thoughts and matching equipment.

I just purchased a pair recently after hearing them at dealer and being very impressed...

Congrats. I'm a big Spendor fan but haven't had the opportunity to hear the D series. I'm curious, what other speakers did you audition?
For 3 years I was using Magico S1s, which I really liked.
They are extremely detailed and fast with excellent imaging.
They do not however hide any upstream faults, can have a 'lean' sound, and although their bass is very detailed and musical, it ultimately only goes so deep with the small driver.

I eventually got the itch for a change, and tried listening to a few British speakers.   I was willing to give up some of the Magico's detail and speed for a more fuller/fleshier mid range presentation.   The new speakers have to work nicely in a 12x17 room too, like the S1s did.

I tried the Harbeth SLH5+ and 40.2, along with the B&W 804d3 and KEF Reference 1 (if I liked the house sound would have likely went for a 3).

The 804d3 reminded me the most of the S1; it was a little sweeter but still very detailed, but overall pretty much a push.
The KEF was also very detailed and imaged amazingly well (like the small S1), but I actually found the sound too sweet (or maybe warm) and was not a fan of their ported bass.
SLH5+ had a very nice midrange and overall presentation but their detail levels and attack speed was too far from what I was used to, plus I didn't find they imaged very well to the sides of the speakers.
The 40.2 was more of what was nice about the SLH5+ plus added punch and detail.  My favorite from the above list, but their price and size didn't work for my 12x17 room.   

I then heard the Spendor D9 and it was pretty much everything I was looking for.   They have a beautiful mid-range like the Harbeth; pretty much all of their other attributes just fit in around the mid range.   Their tweeter gives up some detail and speed compared to the S1, but it is still excellent without offending.   What most surprised me about them is the amount and quality of their bass, along with their ability to disappear.  They are ported but the port is pretty much at the floor and I thought they offered the best bass quality, most like the sealed Magico, but they go much deeper as one would expect based on their size.    For such a big speaker (tall, narrow, but deep) they disappear in my room almost as well as the S1s. 

Anyhow, it has only been a few months, but so far I'm very happy with them.   It is hard to say in this hobby, but I have a feeling these could be the type of speakers you end up keeping a long long time...


Thanks for sharing. I wanted to hear a pair of D7s but the dealer steered me toward a pair of SP2/3R2s. I found their detail and midrange far exceeded that of the comparable Harbeth. My next Spendors will probably be the SP100s s or D9s. 
My buddy gave me a listen  to his D7's using an Audio Research tube amp and Berkeley DAC direct into amp. It was a great sounding system. I normally dislike tubes.
I've had the D9s for about 12 months now and have been really pleased. Use them with a Chord Hugo into Naim Supernait2 with Teddy Pardo power supply. Mainly streamed music and I have a MacMini going into the Hugo and use Roon with my Tidal account. 

I also auditioned the Harbeths amongst others but it was the Spenders that brought a smile to my face. They can be really exciting with the right material and forgiving with most. They replaced a pair of Rogers LS3/5as with REL Strata sub. 

Quick question - do you listen with the grills on or off? I'm still  undecided. 
I've yet to listen to them with the grills on.    The dealer had them off so I just kept them off.   

I've heard the D9s with a Chord DAC and they go very well together.   I'm using a SimAudio 380 DSD DAC which I think has the similar musical and non fatiguing sound like the Chord DACs.   I replaced a Berkeley Alpha 2 which I found a little too detailed/analytical with my previous Magico S1s, but I wonder if it wouldn't pair nice with the D9s which are a little more forgiving.

Yes, other than the amazing mid range, their punch and deep bass is what really surprised me.  I was expecting a polite and highly refined speaker and I was taken back by their ability to really boogie.   In that regard they remind me of the Revel F52s I had before buying the S1s.    

Do you have them setup with any toe-in?   I have them at 12 degrees (using a phone app) which translates to slightly behind my listening position.   HiFi World has a recent review of the D9 and they recommend no toe-in as they found the treble a little too prominent.     Since I am coming from Magicos I don't find their treble too prominent at all...   I'm using a Pass X250.8 amp which along with the SimAudio DAC make for a pretty relaxed sound.   

Checkout the HiFi+  review of the D9s if you have not already, it is a pretty good read...

I have heard their younger siblings, the D7 and was pretty impressed. How are the speakers breaking in? The Pass sound with Spendor must be super pleasing.
@yyzsantabarbara " I normally dislike tubes."

I have reported you to the appropriate authorities.

If anyone ever stumbles on this thread and is looking to unload a pair of D7 or D9's, please PM me.  
Intrigued by the Spendor D9's. Comparing them against the Magico A3 and Joseph Audio Perspectives, if one were craving great clarity, sweet/musical mid-range and tight bass, which would you choose? 
Auditioned today, trying to upgrade from my KEF 104/2 and I was not impressed by their bass at all. Klipsch sounded quite impressive in contrast.
I have never had pleasure to hear D9’s but have been a D7 (with gorgeous “Spendor Dark” premium finish) owner for 6 months.
I am extremely happy with them, and chose them after auditioning around 20 other speakers.
I toe in slightly, but not directly at listening position. Tweeter points just outside of my shoulders maybe a foot or foot and half. Speakers are 13 ft from listening position and separated by about 11 ft.
The LPZ tweeter really takes the D series to the next level above the A and classic series, imo.
I also have mini monitor SA1 in secondary system, but the D7’s are my favorite. 

Regarding bass, I’m extremely impressed with D7. I have big room (15’x39’) and while I supplement with a REL S5 sub, I don’t really need to and only have the Rel volume at 3 clicks of 40 or something and crossed over at about 36Hz, so the REL isn’t adding much. 

Amp is ARC DSI 200
I heard the D7 at Hi Fi show a month ago and was very impressed from their ability to throw a large deep soundstage from a relatively their small size box. They sounded to me much better than very similar speakers the Proac D20. I currently own the Proac D30RS which are in completely different league and if the OP considering the D9 he should check the Proac D48 too.
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