Any suggestions for sound dampening and/or control for Golden Ear Triton Ones?

Just purchased a new pair of GE Triton Ones. Want to get the best I can from this set up.  I like the demos I have seen from Isoacoustics.  Any real life experience out there?
Why do you want wet loudspeakers? If you do fill tub with water set each in for 24 hours.
@johnk  +1 Dampening (making something damp) is not recommended! Damping is just fine😜
 A discussion on loudspeaker damping is not called for in this thread its about dampening sir. Please stay on topic. To control dampening maybe a drip emitter would be called for you could dial in dampening factors measure with humidistat get the results your looking for.
We obviously have an audiophile comedian in the house...😁
There are a few other threads out there that could benefit from some dry humor.