any suggestions on what to replace Bluesound Node 2i with

I am doing a major upgrade on my home theater system. I want to upgrade my streamer. I can spend around $4500 if I have to. My dealer played a Lumin T2 and the music, Tidal, sounded amazing. He said I would be okay with the D2 if I wanted to save money
Any one have any experience with the the Lumin's. I am open to other streamers, it does not have to be Lumin. Thanks 
Another vote for Melco. Recently replaced the Node 2i with the Melco n-100, all Japanese internal components, with a 2TB HDD. Primarily use it for streaming Tidal. Nice improvement.
I apologize but did you not see my question, I assumed you were using the 1120.


Take a look at the Matrix Audio Element X. I’d put mine up against a Lumin T2 any day of the week…and it’s about $1k cheaper. I briefly had the Altair G1 and the Matrix easily betters it.  Also, the Matrix has the most advanced DAC chipset (ES9038PRO vs ES9028PRO & ES9038Q2M) of the three, and, unlike the Lumin, a built-in Noratel linear PSU.
Hilde45: it seems there’s only one circuit board to purchase from PD Creative which is out of Poland.  Was a very good buying experience for me.  You just choose whether you buy it with their power supply or shop for your own.  Takes the ac buzz out of the box.  
Bluesound updated the Node 2i in June 2021. They have changed DACs and made other improvements, such as adding HDMI. Is the new Node worth a look?