Any turntable / tonearm setup experts near Chattanooga / Knoxville Tennessee

Looking for someone close to help with a setup.
Not particularly close but 2 hours away is Greg Metz of Classic Thorens who is an expert on turntable set-up but may not be interested in setting up a modern era table-he focuses on vintage. You can find him on FB under "Classic Thorens". 

With a little time spent here on others' posts, ,I believe you could master this.
I will give Greg a call.  I know everyone thinks this should be no big deal to setup.  I had the unit built over two years ago from a guy in PA.  It is a slate plinth with a lenco idler drive setup,  with an audiomods series V tonearm with ART 9 cartridge.  It is a beautiful setup.  He used the template to drill the slate and mount the arm and the cartridge is mounted.  It got all jacked up during shipping and it has sat on shelf for 2 years.  I just don't have time to devote to learning the art of setup.  I work 12 hour rotating shifts and I have a farm that I have cattle.  So between work, farm, home upkeep, and keeping wife happy I have little time.  I would prefer to find someone local and take it to them or pay to have them come to me and dial this in.  The free time I do have I would just like to put a record on and just relax...  I know many think why do this when you have little time, but music is relaxing and there is times I just want to sit down and listen to an all analog reproduction of something.
Robmag; you and Greg will hit off. You have a lot in common. Greg is a self-reliant kind of guy who repairs his own cars, home, you name it. He is 65 or so and looks like he can beat just about anyone's ass. But most important, he knows how to set up a turntable. Being a Lenco idler, it will be right up his alley. 
I have checked with Greg at classic thorens and he will help but it will take me making a couple trips and he is a good 3 hour drive each way.  That is 4 trips with drop off and going back to pickup.  Does anyone know anyone near Atlanta?  That is only a 2.5 hour drive.
Hey everyone.  I have been talking to Brian Walsh at
I did some research and he has a great reputation for turntable setups and I may have him talked into coming to the Knoxville Chattanooga area to help me get mine dialed in. 
If someone else wants their setup dialed in, it is a great opportunity for you.  
In no way am I trying to promote him or what he does.  I have been looking a long time for someone to dial in my unit and if I do get him to come down, someone else may want their setup dialed in.  If interested, just contact him on his website.
As discussed this week, I'll be making a tour in November, including Nashville, Atlanta, Asheville, Knoxville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. Anyone along the route can contact me.

Brian Walsh
Michael Fremer has multiple YouTube videos where he goes step by step in real time explaining why and showing how you do every single thing. Everything is out in the open, nothing prepared, and he covers the same things in all of them but because its not canned you learn something new each time. The only drawback I can think of is he spends a lot of time showing and talking about a lot of tools and equipment you just don't need, which is fine because he does indeed say you can do just fine without this stuff, only most people somehow miss this, probably due to the not being necessary being like two words compared to the twenty minutes he shows using the stuff that is not necessary.

There is so much BS about cartridge alignment that years ago I decided to get the Graham arm simply because Graham uses a removable arm wand that comes with its own jig making precise alignment a breeze. Now having set up several cartridges not only on the Graham but on others, the last being a Koetsu on the Origin Live Conqueror, I can say with confidence anyone can set up any cartridge on any arm and do it with precision and excellent results and with as little equipment as a screwdriver and alignment sheet that can be downloaded off the interweb for free.

Owning a turntable and not being able to mount and align a cartridge is equivalent to owning a car and not being able to inflate the tires or check the tire pressure. And being a PCA track instructor let me tell you, its a lot harder learning to set tire pressure than it is to set up a cartridge.

@bpwalsh are you still setting up tables?  If so, let me know the next time you will be in Nashville.  Have a new VPI Prime 21 and would love to have an expert take a look at the setup and maybe give me a tutorial on dialing in VTA, etc.  

Yes, as a matter of fact there is someone else in the Nashville area who contacted me not long ago about doing a setup. Please feel free to send me a private message here or through my website for details. I optimize VTA, tracking force, and antiskating along with everything else.