Any worthwhile indoor FM antenna's? Anyone?

I need a better antenna than the "T" type dipole. I tried a Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon indoor antenna and it performed worse than the dipole. Are there any worthwhile indoor antenna's that will outperform the dipole "T" type? Thanks for the interest and replies.
Yes there are some but it depends on your area. I ended up getting an "FM Reflect" antenna from and it beat the "T" as well as two Terk powered antennas. Check out C.Crane Company's website to see what they carry or call them at 800-522-8863 to request a catalog.

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You might want to look into the "Reflect" antenna the sells. I believe it's around $25 and comes w/ a 30
day satisfaction policy.
I'm using an AudioPrism 8500. It's an indoor antenna that is a large black column with multiple elements inside. An offboard switch determines element sensitivity combinations that make the antenna directional without having to physically rotate the unit. The 8500 may be out of production, but perhaps a used one might be available.

I live between two large but relatively distant cities. There is also a noisy local station close to my home. The antenna helps be pull in city broadcasts while rejecting the local signal. I also have a Magnum Dynalab MD 205 Signal Sleuth, a tunable booster that helps me further deemphasize the local broadcast.

I have found that antenna location choices can often be more important than antenna hardware. For example, even the simplest antenna mounted outside can often do better than a fancy indoor antenna. Where an antenna is located within a room is also key, as well as its orientation. Also, city users have different requirements, such as multipath/reflection rejection, versus suburban users who may be more interested in weak signal reception. This would generally imply different antenna solutions. Good luck.
I have a Sony indoor antenna that has a helical element and a built in switchable amplifier with a frequency dial. The good thing about it is that it is powered by two 9 volt batteries...
I use the "Reflect" from Crane and am happy with it in my apartment. I haven't compared it to others though.

Are you in an apartment or do you have a place with an attic, crawl space, etc.? If you do, Antenna Performance Specialties (APS) has an indoor antenna designed for your attic. is the website. They are considered by many to make the best antenna's today.

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I use the Magnum Dynalab ST-2 with good results. Much better than the Terk types. It was good, vertically mounted behind the "Mother of all Cabinets", but it got much better mounted in the attic. Stucco is hard on reception. Got it at Audio Advisor and used a coupon as I hate paying retail.
If your signal is strong a coat hanger will work as well as anything. A simple omnidirectional "turnstile" antenna on the roof will outperform any high tech indoor unit. If you are in a fringe area (like me) you need a large directional rooftop antenna with rotator.
You might try a Radio Shack FM Amplified antenna. Catalog number 15-1833. It has a fine tuning control on it. I don't know if it is still being sold but it will outperform a "T" dipole. It sold for $29.99.