Anybody have plans for building Dahlquist DQ-10 speaker stands?

Recently  purchased a pair of re-capped and mirrored Dahlquist DQ-10s and I absolutely LOVE them! My only issue is the 4" legs that are stock on these, and I am finding it nearly impossible to find any factory wooden stands. I have seen evidence of building plans being available in the old Yahoo forum. That forum no longer exists, so...anybody have access to the plans for building wooden stands for this speaker? Or, even better, a pair for sale at a reasonable cost?
Thanks in advance!
There are some details on Audiokarma (the taller stands) that may have been harvested from the Yahoo site.

I'm not a member there, but you might try a search and/or register.

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On the dahlquist Facebook site a guy published full dimensions for the stands. 

I built a set of DQ-10 stands years ago.  I bought some 2x2 walnut and a long 2 x12 walnut board.  I cut the board into two pieces so each was about 2/3 the width of the DQ10.  I mounted three 2x2 vertically in the middle and made them 12 inches tall.  I put a 3/4 inch plywood on top of these for the DQ-10's to sit on.  They worked great and I used them for years.  I only wish I had made them taller so the middle of the DQ-10s would be at ear level when I was sitting.  The higher they are the less bass you hear but I had subs, so that didn't matter.

Atlasdoc2, Did you ever come up with the plans for the Dahlquist stands, I have a copy of those plans for the three post type stand

. If you haven’t tracked any down yet I could mail them to you.

The top plate has a bit of an "L" shape on the back side which is a bit hard to visualize on the plan. If you look at the top plate on this link for the solid type stand, which I don’t have plans for, you can see what I mean: